Chapter 806 - 806: Forbidden Feelings

Chapter 806: Forbidden Feelings

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However, the reality was that nothing could happen to Luna Thomas.

Otherwise, it would affect the overall situation. After all, the Holy Light Group was aggressive and could not be underestimated.

In the Ocean City, the only company that could fight against it was Thomas Corporation.

After Mark Thomas was kidnapped, Luna Thomas became the pillar of Thomas Corporation. If something happened again, the consequences would be unimaginable.

The momentary silence made the atmosphere in the car extremely awkward.

Especially Luna Thomas. Her fingers were clenched tightly, and she didn’t know how to express her thoughts. If she invited Oliver Walker to stay in Thomas Villa, would it cause any misunderstanding?

And now, she seemed to have fallen in love with this man.

Therefore, her heart was in a mess. She did not know if she should speak up.

Although she clearly knew that Oliver Walker was a married man and she shouldn’t have any thoughts, in fact, feelings were not rational feelings.

It would drive people crazy! Especially the pain of lovesickness, it was absolutely torturous!

She wanted to see this man every day and eat with him every day.

Perhaps Oliver Walker was not humorous, but… At the very least, it would give her an unprecedented sense of security.

Especially in the Thomas Corporation, where everyone was scheming against each other, and to her, it was an extremely unfamiliar environment. She could only rely on the man beside her.

“If it’s convenient, from tonight onwards, I’ll bring some people to the Thomas villa complex.”

Oliver Walker made a decision after some thought. Of course, he didn’t join Thomas Corporation to get close to Luna Thomas. In fact, he wanted to hide at the end of the world to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

However, he had already made a move against Yin Tianchou and the Seven Stars Gang. It was easy for him to attract crazy revenge. Those people might not dare to attack him, but they would definitely target Luna Thomas without hesitation.lightsnovel

Now that they had reached the critical stage of the confrontation, even a slight mistake could lead to a complete loss. This was not what he wanted to see.


Oliver Walker frowned. Did the little girl really have such thoughts? If that was the case, that would not do!

But soon, Luna Thomas also felt that something was wrong and quickly explained awkwardly, “I…” I mean, it’s not a problem for you to stay in a hotel all the time. And as the host, I naturally hope to entertain the distinguished guests well. If Sister Emilia finds out that after helping me so much, I still allowed all of you to stay at the hotel, I don’t think she’ll be happy with it.”

Perhaps it was because she was nervous, or perhaps it was because she was trying her best to hide her true thoughts, so she said a lot in one breath.

However, it did make Oliver Walker lower his guard.

Based on Luna Thomas’s reaction last time, how could she possibly like him? He was definitely thinking too much!

Moreover, protecting Luna Thomas was not only a personal relationship, but also a duty. Therefore, he was relieved! When night fell, in the Thomas villa complex!


Mike said, “According to Freddy Martin’s statistics, in tonight’s battle, 38 elites of the Black Dragon Sect died. Two hundred and fifty-two people suffered light injuries and ten people suffered heavy injuries. The casualties are extremely heavy.

“As for the Seven Stars Gang, they suffered a great loss as well!” “Yes!” Oliver Walker nodded.

“Let’s rest for the night. There will be an important operation starting tomorrow.”

Casualties were already within his expectations. Moreover, how could there be no reason for people to die in a battle? However, he didn’t care. After all, those who died were a group of people who had done evil in the past.

Even now, they were working for him not because of his status, but because of his overwhelming strength. They had no choice but to submit. Thus, the elites of the Black Dragon Sect were not considered to have sacrificed their lives for the country.

“Yes, sir!”

Mike immediately nodded. He naturally knew what the important action Boss was talking about was.

At the same time, Oliver Walker dialed George Lee’s number and asked him to fasten the investigation of the Holy Light Group.. They were still waiting for Shawn Martin to give himself away!