First Demonic Dragon

Author :AnathaShesha

1 Did You Get That On Video?

"Shit…it's always depressing no matter how much I look at it." breathed Carter with a heavy sigh.

Carter Williams was walking home from work on a chilly winter day and eyeing his meager paycheck and calculating expenses for the next month.

'Well whatever I guess. I'll just have to make do like always. ' He thought before taking out his Bluetooth headphones from his pocket.

These were the one nice thing he owned and he'd saved up for months just to buy them.

Placing the earbuds in his ear he continued his walk home while listening to a new album that released this morning.

Along the way home Carter passed by many young couples and the bitterness he felt in his heart from staring at his sparse paycheck only increased with these constant reminders of his eternal virginity smiling in front of his face.

Carter was not particularly attractive. He was a short brown skinned young man, who was slightly overweight and had a round face riddled with acne. His only redeeming quality, were his bright almond colored eyes that shined like pools of gold under the sun, but even they were hidden behind a thick pair of glasses.


Carter had accidentally bumped into a young couple while he was daydreaming about bed wars and knocked over a girl about his age and causing her to spill the drink she was carrying all over her boyfriend's pristine white Nikes.

"Shit! I'm so sorry are you okay? "

Carter asked with clear panic in his voice

"No I'm not okay you fat fuck! You knocked me over!" The girl screamed at him with clear disgust.

" I know I know I'm sor- "


Carter didn't get to finish his sentence before he caught a fist to his jaw that sent him flying backwards.

The girl's boyfriend had recovered from the initial shock and was seething with rage. He'd just bought these shoes so he could look perfect for this date he'd been planning for forever and now some fat dork was gonna ruin it ? No way in hell was he going to let him off!

"Piece of shit how are you gonna compensate for this huh?!" The boyfriend took two steps to reach Carter in an instant and placed his foot on the chest of the young man who was still struggling to hold onto his consciousness from the surprise haymaker he'd received.

By now a crowd had formed around the three individuals, but nobody was coming to Carter's defense.lightsnovel

On the contrary, people were even recording and beginning to make jokes, while Carter lay on the ground with a foot in his chest.

" I'm sor- "


Carter tried to apologize again but was again cut off but before he could finish his sincere apology he was assaulted by the feeling of his sternum being stomped in.


"Oh, sorry man my bad all that padding you had on your chest I didn't think I'd actually break anything!" the malicious smile on his face couldn't be hidden no matter how hard he tried but it was clear he wasn't making much of an effort either way.

By now, Carter couldn't even hear him. He was in so much pain his entire world was spinning. Poor kid couldn't even remember where he was and breathing was getting harder by the second.

" Derek can we just go? The mood is beyond ruined and I'm getting cold. "

The girlfriend had gotten up off the ground and, was walking behind her boyfriend trying to get him to leave.

Though none of this was for Carter's sake.

She was cheating on the bastard and with all the cameras out she was extremely worried about getting caught up by her other boyfriend, who she was supposed to see the day after tomorrow.

"Huh? Oh sure Ash. " the dominating and oppressive man from before was no longer there and almost immediately retracted his foot from Carter's chest and joined his girlfriend's side.

Though, not before patting Carter down and taking what little money he had on him.

"Tsk he's a poor bastard this isn't even half enough to get a new pair of shoes babe. " He said to Ash as they were walking away from the scene.

"Well what'd you expect babe you saw his shitty clothes. You should've known he wouldn't have any real money." Ash giggled in twisted amusement as she grabbed Derek's arm and leaned her her head on his shoulder.

"You looked really hot out there though.. Let's go back to your place I'll give you a good reward for sticking up for me."

Derek caught himself wishing fat losers would bump into his girlfriend everyday if they brought these kinds of blessings.