2 Well She is Kind of a Slut

"Hey should we call an ambulance? "

"Nah. You heard what they said this guy's poor he doesn't have any money for medical fees just leave him, I'm sure he'll be fine."

" Hey did anybody get the punch that guy threw? Can somebody send it to me?? "

"Sure, what's your number. "

"That guy's girlfriend looked like a slut."

" You want him to hear you say that?"

*Cough* " A-Anyways do you really have a foot fetish bro?"

The crowd surrounding the altercation was beginning to disperse, seeing as there was no more action and nobody was coming to help Carter as he lay on the ground struggling to breathe.

'This is such bullshit… what the hell did I even do to deserve this?'

Carter slowly slipped into unconsciousness after cursing his miserable fate with every fiber of his being.


When Carter opened his eyes all that greeted him was the pitch black nothingness of the void.

'This is a weird little dream.' Carter often had strange dreams that didn't make any sense so waking up in a pitch black space wasn't really that strange to him.

Carter tried to move his body to look around the void only to realize he was bright green and ethereal like some kind of ghost.

While this should've alarmed him greatly, he didn't think he was dead.

He could just… sense it. That was why he still believed completely this was a dream.

He was not uncomfortable in the dark. Hell, he'd had his lights cut off more times than he could count so naturally he was used to it.

Faced with nothing to do but float and poke holes in his body Carter began to sing.

Music wise Carter was a bit of an oddball because he liked everything.

From hardcore rappers to heavy metal and even a little Kpop he had a little of everything on his playlist.

"I used to ruleeee the worldddd." 🎶


"So to helll with good intentionss , So to hell is where I'll go!" 🎶


"Starin' in the mirror like what happened to me?" 🎶

After exhausting all of the songs he had in his memory Carter simply chuckled, finding humor in his own private concert and floated in the void for what felt like hours before a voice finally reached him.

"Will you answer their call..?"

"Who the fuck said that?!"

Carter spun around so much looking for the new entity the poor soul made himself incredibly dizzy.

He was supposed to be alone here so suddenly hearing a deep menacing voice suddenly speak to him instinctively made him clench his ghostly butt cheeks in fear.

He just hoped he wasn't heard singing but, with his luck he probably was.lightsnovel

"Will you answer their call?.." the entity repeated.

'Nobody ever fucking calls me so I'm sure this is a dream.' Carter thought with a frown.

"Uhh…sure?" He said hesitantly. He was unsure of what'd happen next but he almost never had nightmares since he'd graduated high school, so his guard wasn't up too high.

"What three desires lay in your heart…" when the entity asked this question Carter was immediately taken aback.


"I want to be happy, popular and rich."


As soon as he answered the question Carter felt an immense pain where his heart should've been.

"You lied…"

"What? That's what I really want! That's what every human wants right?!"


"You hate humans..."

"How can I be a human if I hate humans?!" Carter was beginning to get annoyed. What the hall was this voice even talking about??

"You appreciate their creations, Yet hate their ideals, their behavior, their controversies…."

"That's.. that's…" he couldn't find a way to refute what the voice was saying.

Carter didn't get along well with other people.

The things they cared about, he didn't.

Though he could find beauty in their creations he found people to be overwhelmingly flawed and hard to deal with.

Though he'd never admit it out loud.

Who could blame him?

If he wasn't being beaten by his parents, he was bullied by others.

Just look at what happened earlier!

His whole life had been like that.

Not once had he belonged anywhere.

That's why he spent all his time alone reading Webnovels, manga, and listening to music.

Only through escapism could he belong somewhere.

'Wait..Webnovel…' Carter's train of thought immediately halted as he had an insane thought cross his mind.

Remembering the plot of several Webnovels he'd read he found this situation eerily familiar and was wondering why he didn't notice before.

"This…this isn't a dream is it?" He asked with a voice full of suspicion.