3 Definitely Not a Dream

"Holy shit.." Carter whispered.

It was happening!

Finally, after everything he'd been through his wish was finally granted!

He'd get to fulfill his dreams of being living in a fantasy world and going on adventures, having cool powers, and being surrounded by women!

"What three desires lay buried in your heart?…." The entity asked again.

Carter was going all in. Now that he knew more about this situation, answering was a little easier.

"I… don't want to be human. I want to be better than them! A million times better! I want to soar to heights they could never even hope to see!

"…granted." The entity said after a long silence.

If Carter could see the entity he'd see a wide smile plastered across its ancient face.

Though why exactly it was smiling only it knows.

"I have two more right?"


He quickly dismissed it and continued to contemplate his next wish.

"I want to master every weapon in existence!" Carter had a very good reason for his second wish.

His favorite characters were warriors who could be extremely versatile and level mountains with one swing of their sword.

What man doesn't wanna be a war god?

Okay, don't answer that , but Carter damn sure did!

"Granted." Carter wasn't sure if he'd imagined it, but the entity sounded harder to hear all of a sudden.

"Final desire?"lightsnovel

Suddenly Carter felt incredibly shy.

His next wish was very chunni of him but it was absolutely essential If he wanted to dominate others in this new world.



"System…" Carter said shyly.

Suddenly Carter felt a sensation as if his mind was being opened and pried through, he instinctively knew the entity was reading his mind to understand.

This came as a shock to him.

Supreme cosmic entities were supposed to know about systems already!

It looked like he was gonna have to have his custom made.

He was just glad the entity spared him the embarrassment of having to explain.

Though he hoped it hadn't seen the ungodly amount of porn in his memory.

"It is done.."

Carter wasn't imaging it, the entity was definitely getting harder to hear.

Suddenly Carter's wispy body began to glow with a warm white light.

"So long earth! So long human life! So long lonely nights!"


Carter vanished in a flash of white light.

Leaving the entity alone chuckling at Carter's show before his departure.

"You'll return sooner than you realize… if you're lucky that is."