4 So It’s like New Game +?

POV : ??


Waking up with a start I immediately began to try to catch my breath. I dreamt that I was falling endlessly down a deep, dark abyss with no end in sight.

Laying back down into my extremely comfortable pillows I then- Wait, what the fuck?!

Looking down at my bed, and my current surroundings I realized this room was not my own.

No way in hell was I sleeping on silk sheets at home!

"Where the hell am I.. Wait is that me??" I couldn't even recognize my own voice. It sounded so smooth and velvety I was sure even if I wasn't a famous singer in my last life I would be in this one!

< Host has awakened.

< Uploading memory files.

< You may experience slight discomfort.

"Huh?- ARGHHH"

After the robotic voice finished speaking I was assailed with memories that were entirely brand new and yet eerily familiar.

The body I was currently that of seventeen year old Exedra Draven.

If my life from before was pathetic this guys is just downright pitiful.

Exedra's mother was apparently a dragon princess. He'd never met his father, and didn't bother to talk about him.

Exedra was expected to be highly gifted from the moment he was born due to his extremely unique and powerful mana.

Despite all expectations, he'd actually ended up as a cripple when he was only four years old.

While it's true that his magic power is truly dense and powerful that's also part of the problem. It's too much for his draconic body to handle and it slowly corroded him from the inside out.

He couldn't shift, couldn't use any magic, he couldn't even breathe flames!

To other dragons he was considered a disgrace and a failure. For one of royal lineage to be unable to access their dragon body was the height of inconceivability.

His incompetence earned him endless harsh treatment.

If it weren't for the horns on his head, and a dragons natural ability to sense their own kind no one would even believe he was one.

Exedra only had three woman who did not treat him poorly. His mother Yara loved him deeply. Even if she never said it he knew she always blamed herself for her son's circumstances.

Exedra also had two wives who were forced to marry him as punishment from their clans because they, like him were deemed defective. Their families also hoped to establish ties with the prestigious and wealthy dragons.

While they did not treat him poorly they were not intimate and their relationship was closer to that of acquaintances, and more often than not, he avoided them due to the guilt he felt for them having to marry someone useless like him.

"… Fucking hell.." I slowly wiped two crystalline tears from his face.

When the memories were uploaded I didn't just see them I lived them.

Every. Single. Second.

When it ended I wasn't sure if I was Carter or Exedra but really it didn't matter.lightsnovel

All that mattered now was that I finally have the chance and ability to change our circumstances.

Slowly rising from my luxurious silk sheets in this overbearingly large bed I walked towards a large mirror in the room.

When I looked into the mirror what I saw shocked me greatly even if I somewhat knew what I'd see.

A sickly looking boy with black hair that reached his shoulders styled in a messy and unkempt fashion. Sitting atop his hair were two proud black horns. Tanned skin the color of the finest bronze with a few patches of black scales on my shoulders and hands. Peeking from behind the curtains of my black hair were two yellow reptilian eyes.

Standing at only five foot eight I look more like a member of a forgotten lizard man race than a proud and noble dragon.

"Haaaa" I'm really all skin and bones now.


Despite that, I was over the moon!

I was a dragon now!

A noble one!

Albeit a weak one but still.

When I said I didn't wanna be human I expected him to turn me into a goblin or something.

Though when I felt the weakness running rampant in this body, I realized even a newborn goblin could tear me a new asshole if I wasn't careful.

I slowly began poking my ribs that were revealed fully on my belly.

It seems like I'll forever have body issues in my lives. Either I'll have man boobs or be so skinny you could argue I'd never eaten a full meal in seventeen years of life.

< Urgent Reminder : Host has not installed "Body of Peerless Devastation". >

"Oh is that one of my wishes?"

< Affirmative. >

Let's do that now then."

< Host is advised to bite down on something as there will be extreme discomfort. >

I practically sprinted to his bed to stuff my mouth with the silk bedsheets.

If the system is saying this is gonna hurt I'm sure as shit gonna believe her!

I'd have to get more familiar with all this later but for now I should do something about this sickly body.

I could literally feel my organs being slowly corroded and it was less than pleasant.

< Commence body upgrade? >

"Mmf! (Yes!) "

< Beginning installation of "Body of Peerless Devastation." >

As soon as it began I felt the most terrible, soul breaking pain I'd ever felt in either of my lives combined.