5 Teatime!

POV : Yara

"Still no changes today then?"

"None at all Madam. We are scheduled to check on him again in another hour."

I slowly nodded after hearing the words of Duke, the head butler of the castle.

Duke was a very old dragon who'd been around since I was a girl and he was almost always at my side.

He wore a typical black butlers outfit with a golden handkerchief on his breast pocket.

He had a finely trimmed white beard, a stern yet handsome face, and a single horn in his crown of neatly styled white hair.

Two days ago my baby boy collapsed and his condition took a turn for the worst. The vicious mana inside of him began to eat his body at a more rapid rate.

We called every doctor we could and yesterday he finally stabilized, but he had yet to wake up and I was beside myself with worry.

"My lady please try to relax. I believe you have an appointment you must get to correct?"

"Yes… Yes you're right Duke I should get going." As I turned to head toward the garden for tea with my daughters in law I stopped. "Please inform me of any changes."

"Of course my lady you will be the first to know."

As I continued on my walk to the garden I couldn't help but offer my son another silent prayer while once again cursing the fact that his father was not here with us.


Upon entering the garden and being surrounded by the vibrant, luscious greenery, I immediately felt my worries slightly lessen.

Seeing the rich colors of the flowers, and smelling mellow scent of my favorite tea brewing did wonders to calm my constantly running mind.

Walking on the pathway to the center of the garden, I soon caught sight of a large handcrafted wooden table with two beautiful young ladies sitting down chatting happily.

"Sorry I'm late girls." I said with a warm smile on my face.

"Oh Mother, Hello! "

"Hello Mother!"

Hearing the calm and mature voice followed by the cheerful endearing one of my daughters in law, I couldn't help but smile in my heart.

They truly were wonderful women yet life had been unfair to them as it often is to many of us.

Taking my seat across from them I finally felt a semblance of peace for the first time in two days.

"How are you lovely girls doing?" As I poured myself some tea I stared at the two women across from me who despite being equally gorgeous were polar opposites.

"Ah! I'm doing well mother I defeated fifty of the guards today!" The energetic hellhound Bekka was the first to speak as usual.

Hellhounds are a race that are a mix of WarWolves and demons and are incredibly rare.lightsnovel

Even in my very long life, she's only the second one I've seen.

Standing at an impressive six feet tall she was actually quite a small one for a hellhound. She had pitch black skin that was littered with extremely well defined muscles, yet it did nothing to take away from her feminine charm.

On the contrary it might've even added to it.

She had an incredibly curvaceous figure with large F cup breasts, and an extremely curvy bottom that has a black fluffy tail sticking out above it. She had long black hair that added to her wild charm. Her face was small and cute with a pair of vibrant orange eyes with black sclera that conveyed passion with every word she spoke and a pair of fluffy black ears on top of her head.

"Bekka dear, be sure not to break the guards again okay." I said with a small chuckle.

"No worries mother I've gotten much better at sparring with them. I don't want to see what comes out when they break either." As she covered her cute little mouth with her furry clawed hands I couldn't help but find her overwhelmingly cute.

The reason Bekka was exiled from her clan was, despite her love of battle and obvious talent for it, she hated blood so killing was almost inconceivable for her.

The mere sight of blood made her slightly nauseous and she had a tendency to faint as well when too much was spilled.

A weakness that was extremely unwelcome from a daughter of the chief.


Chuckling at Bekka's adorable nature I turned my head to face my other daughter who had been observing all of this with a small smile on her face.

"And you Lailah?"

"I've been in a bit of a rut lately, I think I've combed through just about every book in the library."

"Oh? Why did you not come to me or Duke if you required more books my dear you know we'd be happy to help. "

"Mother how could I bother you with something so trivial." As I watched her try to hide the small blush on her face I found myself wondering how my son was gifted not one great beauty but two.

Sitting opposite me was a mature looking woman who oozed feminine charm, and grace. Lailah was the oldest daughter of the witch queen who was disqualified from the throne due to her magical aptitude.

In this world witches were a race that occurred naturally and lived separately from humans. They are distinguishable by their animal like eyes.

Despite no longer being recognized as a member of the royal family she still maintained her grace and air of nobility.

She was only a little bit shorter than Bekka but her frame was much more soft and delicate. Her brown skin was laced with intricately carved runes resembling birthmarks. Her bright red serpentine eyes painted a beautiful picture of a woman who was sexy, mature, and dangerous.

Even if her real personality was about as far from dangerous as you can get.

She was a bit older than Bekka and yet she was even more shy.

Back home she endured horrible treatment much like that of my son due to her magic of controlling animals ,specifically snakes, not being seen as useful.

She was a quiet girl who often avoided interaction with others and constantly worried her presence was unwanted.

But despite her timid nature was a woman who was incredibly witty and gentle.

If these weren't my sons wives and I wasn't promised to another I'd take them for myself!