7 If You Have to Ask, You Probably Are

POV : Exedra

< Body successfully upgraded. >

< Body of Peerless Devastation has evolved into Demonic Dragon's Body of True Annihilation.

< Strength + 1,500

< Endurance + 950

< Agility + 1,350

< Mana + 2,000

< Skill learned : Pain Resistance Lvl : 1

< Skill Learned : True Dragon Transformation.

< Skill Learned : True Demonic Transformation.

< Skill Learned : True Demonic Dragon (LOCKED)

< Skill Learned : Infernal Flames Lvl : 1

< Skill Learned : All weapon proficiency Lvl : 1

< Skill Learned : Demonic Dragon's Pressure

As the notifications rang in my mind I did my best to listen to them but I was still recovering from the terrible pain I'd just felt when my body was upgraded.

Suddenly my door was kicked in and I could sense three people had come to my room and even more coming down the hall.

I got up slowly and I could immediately feel all the changes in my body. The weakness that plagued me before vanished like a mirage, and I can feel my mana circulating properly throughout my body now.

This new sensation of having mana should feel foreign to me, but it feels so natural.

'Holy hell am I taller?' I thought noticing the clear difference in my surroundings.


Suddenly I heard a beautiful singsong voice and when I looked at the woman who'd spoken I felt a range of complicated emotions.

My mother on earth was a horrible bitch who never showed me love from the moment I was born.

But this woman in front of me..she was the kind of mother anyone would be overjoyed to have.

She had long flowing silver hair with two black horns sitting proudly atop her head. She wore elaborate white and blue robes befitting of her status as the most favored princess of a powerful empire. Her bright purple eyes looked at me with a great deal of confusion and hope.

Living Exedra's memories it was naturally impossible for me not to have an attachment to this woman in front of me.

Before I knew it I was responding back to her like I'd done it a thousand times before. "No… it's me mother."


I nodded slightly with a small smile on my face. Seeing my mother so surprised I must've changed a lot more than just my height.


Under my horrified gaze I watched as my mothers eyes rolled back into her head and she fell face first onto the ground.



"Oh gods somebody help!"

Almost as if on cue the medical team that consisted of a small squad of healing mages arrived on the scene lead by the head butler Duke.

Duke looked back and forth between me and my face down mother for what felt like forever before he hesitantly asked "Young master..Is that you?"


"It's me old man, now can you please help my mother. I think she's just fainted from shock."

"…completely understandable.." Duke muttered.

Duke must've been shocked. The veins in his head didn't bulge when I called him old this time.

"Alright everyone! Help her get to her room." The white haired old dragon began to organize the healing mages he'd brought in who were also staring at me funny.

Did I get uglier or something?

As the healers got to work helping my mother, I turned my gaze to the two ladies who entered with her, and my heart immediately began to speed up.

They looked just as beautiful as I remembered and my mind immediately froze and I could think of nothing to say to them.

Noticing I'd probably been staring too long I was the first to speak.

"Ah.. hello girls.. You both look as lovely as ever."

Lailah : "Thank you, and I must say you look.."

Bekka : "Brand fucking new!"

At her words I noticed everyone in the room nod their head furiously in agreement , prompting me to scratch my cheek in slight embarrassment.

I hadn't noticed it before but both of my wives were giving me strange looks and I had absolutely no idea what they meant.

'Hey system do you know why they are looking at me like that?'

< Answer : The individual known as Lailah is gazing at the host with lust.

Hearing that I almost fell over from shock. 'Lust? Me?'

< Correct, after analysis of the individuals facial muscles and eye patterns, the system has found this answer to be the most likely.

'Uhhh and Bekka?'

< The individual known as Bekka is looking at the host as a combatant.

< 'Sizing you up' if you will.

Hearing that answer I simply grew even more confused. Bringing my clawed hand to rub my temples I began to walk towards the full sized mirror in my room.

Bekka and Lailah, seemingly understood what I was about to do and came and stood on either side of me as I looked in the mirror.

Staring back at me was a tall bronze skinned man with glowing red eyes, four black horns and long dark red hair. My scales which were always dark now seemed to be comparable to the night itself.

The scrawny boy I saw before was no more and in front of me stood a man whose body was so well defined and perfect it could make the most beautiful male models on earth develop body image issues.

Looking at this complete and utter stranger before me all I could think was..

"Who the fuck is this?"