8 Assessing Gains

It's been a few hours since the chaos that unfolded earlier and now Bekka, Lailah and I are all sitting in my mothers room waiting for her to wake up.

As we sit there in utter silence I do my best to try to understand the system and all of its functions.

'Alright system show me everything you can do. '

< Shop

< Status

< Missions

< Skills

< Evolution

< These are all of the default functions host.

'Oh yea I got a shit load of skills earlier I should check those.'

< Skill : Pain Resistance Lvl : 1

Description: Nullifies pain from all physical or magical attacks by 20%.

< Skill : True Dragon Transformation.

Description : Call on your draconic heritage to shape-shift into your current dragon form.

< Skill : True Demonic Transformation.

Description : Call on your demonic Heritage to shape-shift into a powerful demonic state.

< Skill : True Demonic Dragon . (LOCKED)

Description : Combine your primordial demon bloodline with your royal dragon bloodline to enhance your transformation into a creature never before seen in this world.

< Skill : Infernal Flames Lvl : 1

Description : Your dense and chaotic mana is infused into your natural flames creating a powerful spell capable of turning anything without sufficient mana defense to ash.

< Skill : All Weapon Mastery Lvl : 1

Description: Your one of a kind body provides an innate basic understanding of all weapons in existence.

< Demonic Dragon's Pressure : Release your natural aura, causing beings weaker than you to feel an insurmountable pressure.

As I looked over my skills I couldn't help a bitter smile from breaking out on my face.

'Demonic dragon, huh?'

I immediately frowned when I read this as I don't think I'd ever heard of a demonic dragon in original Exedra's memories so I was certain my mother wasn't one.

Realizing I'd accidentally solved the mystery of my heritage I felt a mix of complicated emotions.

I decided I'd ask my mother when she awoke and focused on my other gains for right now.

As I read everything a second time, I couldn't help but be excited.

Finally! It was only a first step but it felt like an enormous leap from where I used to be and indeed it was.

'Hey system why is one of my skills locked?'

< Answer : Your unique state as a demonic dragon is a highly volatile transformation.lightsnovel

< It combines and amplifies the special strengths of your first two transformations as well as alters your personality.

< In this state your demonic appetite for destruction and your draconic need for dominance would feed off each other, prompting the host to enter into a berserk state without sufficient control.

Alright.. I guess that one makes sense.


Despite my recent power up I've tried to take great care not to grow too arrogant.

While I may have an advantage over lesser beings, I'm well aware that true monsters like my uncles and grandfather could kill me with a sneeze.

So I'd rather not have them put me down like a rabid dog if I can avoid it.


I was jolted from my thoughts by a long finger being poked into my stomach.

I looked to my right and seated next to me was my very adorable wife Bekka poking my stomach and eyeing me with a curious gaze.

"Umm.. what are you doing?"

"How did you do it? Your muscles are so defined it's like you've been working on them all your life!"

I still didn't have proper clothes as nothing in my closet fit me anymore so I was walking around draped in a blanket with a pair of black pants.

Lailah said nothing but I could feel her curious gaze burning into the back of my head, indicating she wanted to know as well.

This was a question I had been anticipating and I had come to one foolproof answer.

"Would you believe me if I told you I was granted three magical wishes?" I said with a cheeky smile.

I heard a cute chuckle from Lailah and as far as Bekka…

"Hmph, fine don't tell me then." She puffed her cheeks out and folded her arms to show she was unhappy with my honest answer.

I told myself I was going to foster better relationships with my wives so naturally I couldn't let her pout.

Wracking my brain to try to think of something to lift the mood of my cute but wild wife I came to only one real plan of attack.

"Hey Bekka.. would you mind sparring with me after this?"

Lailah : "Huh?"

Yara : "What the fuck?"

Bekka : "REALLY?!??"

Bekka had gotten so close to me I hadn't even registered the fact that my mother was awake and obviously listening to this conversation.

She was so close even without my enhanced senses I could smell her natural pheromones and the inviting scent of cinnamon that lingered off her body.

"Yes really. " I slowly tried to inch away from her as dragons and demons have an extremely high libido, only falling behind goblins and orcs.

So naturally, faced with my wife who was close enough to kiss me, I was five seconds away from pitching a tent fit for a week long camping trip.

Slowly Bekka stood up from her seat and stood motionless before..


Before I could even respond to her monstrously energetic outburst she bolted and was at the door before any words left my mouth.

"I'm gonna go spar with thirty of the guards to warm up! See you later don't take too long!" With that she closed the door and I could hear the pitter patter of her feet running down the hallway.