9 Who’s Your Daddy?

When I could no longer hear the sound of Bekka's clawed feet frantically scraping the marble floors, I turned my gaze to my mother who had been looking at me like she'd seen a ghost since she woke up.

"Lailah… would you mind giving me and my mother a moment alone?"

"Oh? Sure-"

"No. My daughter stays." The firmness within my mothers voice let me know negotiating was a pipe dream so I slowly nodded my head.

"I-I really don't mind-" Lailah tried to protest but it was my turn to cut her off.

"No..mom's right you should stay. You are family after all and I should start treating you like it."

She blushed furiously which was really quite cute.

Shaking my head to focus I asked my mother the question that'd been burning in me since I solved the mystery of my birth.

"My father was a demon?"

Immediately I felt the tension in the room increased tenfold.

My mother wore a complicated expression on her face, as if she was unsure as to how much she should tell me.

After a full minute she calmly said "Yes.."

She didn't ask me how I knew which surprised me greatly, but I could see she was much too blindsided by the question to even begin to wonder.

Seeing as how this was difficult for her I got up from my seat and climbed into her bed and sat beside her like I did when I was a little boy.

Gently I took her hand and looked her in the eyes before smiling softly "Tell me about him."

My mother also seemed to relax and she wore the same small smile on her face before she began to tell the story of how she fell in love with a demon lord.


This world is known as Dola. There are eight continents each divided up among the leading eight races. Dragons, Demons, Vampires, Elves, Dwarves, Phoenixes, Witches, and most surprisingly, humans.

In this world beings can undergo a mystical process called evolution upon fulfilling a secret set of conditions set from birth.

Essentially you had to live in blind faith that you were filling out the conditions necessary for your evolution and you would never learn them until you had finally completed them and the voice of the world spoke to you.

The voice of the world was an entity dubbed Asherah and there was almost no information about her.

Upon completing one evolution you would immediately have a new set of evolution conditions carved into your soul.

To say evolving is a difficult task is a gross understatement. The highest number of recorded evolutions for a single individual is only six which is an incredible feat in itself.

All of the leaders of each race have evolved six times each and have been dubbed 'demigods' by the people and by Asherah herself.

My grandfather is the current Dragon King and has been reigning for over nine hundred years. To the masses he is simply known as Helios, The Calamity and is The Dragon Demigod of Endless War.

My mother was the youngest of three siblings and the only princess of the Dragon Empire, Antares.

Needless to say my grandfather doted on her endlessly and her siblings noticed this and began to bully her relentlessly.

Despite being over two hundred years old she had only ever evolved once and was considered the laughingstock of all her siblings, who were already on their second or third evolution.

Thirty years ago my mother had enough. She had a terrible fight with my grandfather and blamed his constant coddling for her never being able to evolve again.

That night she left a letter on her dresser to her father apologizing for the harsh words that were said before she fled from the castle under the light of a full moon.

Convinced her conditions had something to do with combat, my mother flew all the way to the border between the demon continent and human continent where she began looking for opponents to sharpen her blade against.

Unlike most other races who remained fairly inactive demons and humans engaged in near constant war and battle fields were as common as leaves on the ground.

It was on one of these battlefields where she found my father.