11 Keeping a Promise

POV : Exedra

As I walked along the grand halls of the castle to the training grounds my mind was deep in thought over the story I'd just been told.

The original Exedra had always assumed his father was some horrible bastard because his mother refused to even mention his name.

Only now am I realizing she never really stopped grieving.

Deciding not to think about it anymore, I inspected the new clothes Duke had prepared for me last minute and once again grimaced.

A tight long sleeve black shirt and black pants.

While I don't mind black, and actually prefer it, I have a sneaking suspicion he prepared these specific clothes for me because he was sure Bekka would knock me into the dirt.




"Ha! Thirty four guards and not a scratch on her! I win! Pay me bitch!"


Noticing I'd reached my destination based off the groans of pain, I quickly shook myself out of my thoughts and looked up to find Bekka surrounded by the bodies of semi conscious dragon-newt guards.

Despite the 'dragon' in their name these knights were closer to lizard men their only distinguishing characteristics being their large wings on their backs and ability to breathe fire.

Even if they were incomparable to true dragons , they were still nothing to scoff at and seeing my wife surrounded by their exhausted, battered bodies showing no sign of exhaustion other than a light sheen of sweat, I began to have second thoughts about this sparring session.

'No , no , no this is a perfect chance to bond with Bekka AND get some training that I'm severely lacking in.'

I decided to check my current stats since I hadn't checked them the whole time I'd been in this world.

< Exedra Draven >

Race : Demonic Dragon (Hybrid)

< Status : Nervous

< Level : 1

< Age : 17

< Times Evolved : 0

< Health : 15,000

< Strength : 1, 750

< Endurance : 1,800lightsnovel

< Agility : 1,800

< Mana : 2,050

< Exp 0 / 100

Seeing my stats that had received a huge boost since this morning I felt myself swell with confidence.

'That's right that weak and helpless Exedra from before is long gone. I have to be confident!'

After giving myself a small pep talk I asked the system to check Bekka's stats.

< Bekka Osa Draven >

< Status : Excited

< Race : HellHound (WarWolf Variant)

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

< Age : 19

< Times Evolved : 0

< Health : 15,000

< Strength : 1,650

< Endurance : 1,700

< Agility : 1,500

< Mana : 1,900

Okay…this seems doable.

While she has me completely beat in experience my higher stats should help close the gap.

I should be nervous since this is my first fight in this body, but I'm starting to feel strangely excited!

I am completely in tune with my body I can feel all of my current limits and abilities.

I can feel the mana in my body flowing smoothly, calming my nerves even more and giving me even more confidence.

"Heyyyy! Exedra you ready to spar?" Bekka said with a wide grin.

She'd finally noticed me and practically leaped over the guards to stand directly in front of me with her tail wagging and her ears twitching.

"Yea..Definitely." I smiled.