12 Somebody Bring a Shovel!

General POV

"Hey is that really young master Exedra?"

"That's what Lady Bekka said."

"I'd heard he changed this morning, but this is too drastic don't you think?"

"Are they really going to spar?"

"He's gonna get his brand new body broken already."

Exedra naturally wasn't aware he was being talked about, as nothing could shake his focus from the wall decorated with various weapons in front of him.

While he was focused on choosing a weapon Bekka was helping the guards she'd beaten up to their feet to join the rest who were spectating and gambling.

Slowly the training grounds began to fill up and look like a small arena. One of the guards had gone and informed other guards inside who informed maids, cooks , and even the gardeners!

Everyone wanted to see if their frail young master was really going to spar with the castle's furry little battle maniac.

"Is that really him?"

"Am I gay?"

"Holy shit."

"He's so handsome now.."

Almost seventy five percent of all personnel inside the castle had moved to the training grounds to watch their former weak and sickly Young Master compete against his powerhouse of a wife.

Amongst all of the staff three individuals did not belong.

Yara was accompanied by the head butler Duke and her other daughter in law Lailah.

As Exedra finally moved after minutes of internal debate the entire training ground which was abuzz before suddenly turned dead silent.

What weapon would the young master choose? His body was too weak for any sort of training before so the only weapon he'd ever held were the knives at the dining table!

Under the stupefied gaze of all present Exedra touched four different weapons and sent them into his storage ring before he picked up a large great sword that was as tall and as wide as he was!

Once again shocking all the participants he began swinging the great sword around leisurely like it was made of feathers!

He had trouble walking up a flight of stairs a week ago!

Turning back to face his wife he was slightly surprised to see she'd been watching him the entire time yet she didn't even rush him to choose a weapon.

"You ready?" Bekka asked as she picked up a giant bronze war hammer and slung it over her shoulder.

Like Exedra she could use multiple weapons including her claws and fangs but she preferred blunt weapons as they left less chance of bloodshed.

"Ah hold on." Exedra jammed his great sword in the ground and began to tie his hair up in a ponytail, unintentionally letting every woman in the audience get a good view of his perfect face.

Several maids made vows to wear their best makeup and perfume when cleaning his room from now on.lightsnovel

'Asmodeus he really looks so much like you..' Yara couldn't help but flash a bitter sweet smile as she looked at this scene.

As soon as he was ready he lifted the great sword from the ground and gave it a few swings in the air and everyone immediately noticed something was wrong.

While his movements were not divine or perfect they in no way shape or form belonged to someone who was holding a sword for the first time.

Those movements belonged to someone who'd been training for a year at the very least.

'Baby boy just what happened to you?' But Yara has no time to wonder over this, as Exedra was finally ready and both fighters got into position.

"Hey Exedra?"


"Let's make a bet!"



"If I win you have to be my sparring partner everyday for the next two- No three years! "

All of the guards in the audience immediately sucked in their breath.

Bekka had basically just asked him to end up a cripple again!

This was way too big a gamble!

"Okay..and if I win?"

"I'll become your true wife body and soul!"

As the guards looked at Bekka's scantily clad figure suddenly they didn't feel like it was such a big gamble to take.

"Okay..So if I win I can ask you to go on a date with me?" Exedra was desperately trying to play it cool but it was hard.

He had no experience with women before so all he could do was use the things he'd read in romance Web-novels and hope it worked.

"If you win I'll spend every night with you if that's what you desire."

"Deal!" Exedra didn't mean to sound like a horny beast but unfortunately his eagerness to accept slightly gave him away.

The crowd had various reactions to this sweet display.

The people who were already married or in relationships let out a low chuckle and immediately thought of their loved ones.

The single people immediately made an expression as if they'd been forced to eat dog food.

Some people are married to their work okay?!

"Alright.. Let's begin." As soon as the words left Bekka's mouth her entire aura changed.

A dark fiery pressure began to spill out of her body and engulfed Exedra.