13 But Not For Me!

The soldiers watching this spectacle immediately grimaced. Many of them had been hit by Bekka's fearsome aura before and just seeing it sent chills down their scaly spines.


Under the stupefied gaze of everyone present, Exedra used his own aura to counter Bekka's.

An ominous, dark purple aura was flooding from Exedra's body and clashing with his wife's dark red aura.

This went on for several seconds before the dragon began to gain the upper hand.

His aura was slowly pushing back his wife's and the crowd couldn't be more shocked.

Then, as if by prior agreement the auras of the two immediately retracted and they simply stared at each other.

Wide, manic smiles broke out on both of their faces before they vanished from their positions.


In the center of the dusty arena, hammer met great sword in a great clash that sent sparks flying.

It was evident to all that Exedra was physically stronger than his wife as she was being pushed back!

Nobody could believe this was the same young man who got winded walking up a flight of stairs a week ago.

Seeing she'd lose in a contest of bare strength, The hellhound began to infuse mana into her arms and hammer to try to close the gap.

Her muscles began to swell, and her hammer began to heat up at an incredible rate, causing Exedra's greatsword to melt slowly.

"Tch." Seeing that his weapon was about to be ruined he clicked his teeth in frustration before jumping backwards into the air.

Four, pitch black wings shot out from his back and helped him to stabilize his body in the air.

"Since when can you do that?!" Bekka cried in surprise.

She wasn't the only one. It was well known that Exedra was unable to shift and was not expected to ever be able to.

Everyone in the audience was once again shocked silly by a new development.

Exedra didn't even answer her and instead threw his greatsword at her like a boomerang.


Bekka seeing this immediately swung her giant hammer and smashed the damaged greatsword to pieces.

Before the shards of metal even touched the ground, Exedra was shooting forward like a bullet towards his wife with a new weapon in his hands.

Wielding a spear with a serrated black blade as it's tip, Exedra thrust his new weapon forward aiming for his wife's leg.lightsnovel

Oddly enough Bekka's sickness from blood didn't include her own so her body was already covered in old wounds.

"Steps of the Black Wolf!"

Before Exedra could land a decisive blow against his wife she activated her signature movement technique.

Black aura began to cover clawed feet and her movement speed doubled.

She easily avoided the black spear that was aimed for her femoral artery, by doing a flip into the air.

When the hellhound landed she'd managed to put quite the distance between her opponent and herself and Exedra buried his spear a few inches deep into the ground.

'Maybe weapons aren't the way to go, she has too much experience for that.' Exedra thought.

'No…that's it.' He grinned when he finally came up with a plan.

He once again changed weapons as he sent his spear into his storage ring and pulled out two katanas with bright red blades.

"Oh, changing weapons again? That won't help if you can't hit me you know?" Bekka mocked.

"My dear wife.." Exedra began.


Sudden his eyes glowed a more intense red and his blades slowly became coated in bright purple flames.

"Block this with your full strength, okay?" He said with a smile full of sharp teeth.

He slashed the air with both blades, sending two colossal crescent blades of fire directly for his opponent.

Bekka seeing this immediately felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, she once again activated steps of the black wolf to somersault high into the air.


When the blades of fire struck the ground where Bekka was standing, there was a huge explosion that obliterated the ground and sent dust flying everywhere.

The crowd watching was spared from the aftershock of the explosion, when Duke erected a barrier at the last second to protect everyone.

"Is this really the young master?.."

"He's so strong now."

"Ha! Who said our young master was a lizard? I'd like to see them now!"

While the crowd was genuinely in awe there was one amongst the crowd who was watching all of this with a frown on her beautiful face.

'Baby boy, just what has happened to you…' Yara worried.