14 Does Violence Make You Horny?

Even though she saw it all vividly she still couldn't believe it. Her son could shift now? Use his flames? Multiple different weapons?? Just what the hell happened??

Duke and Lailah, who were beside her wore similar expressions. This was his first ever fight and he was doing splendidly, and against a seasoned warrior at that!

Such a thing was simply unthinkable!

While Bekka was still high in the air, Exedra opened his mouth wide and released a jet of purple and black flames aimed directly at her!

Understanding that she had to block this with her full strength or risk serious bodily harm, Bekka swung her hammer in a downwards arc, while she coated her entire body in mana.



After an ear splitting explosion, the arena was dead silent.

No one moved, and no one could see the outcome of the collision as there was a thick cloud of smoke in the air.

Suddenly, the hellhound woman fell from the sky, eyes closed and body covered in sweat.

Her hammer was completely destroyed and there were pieces of it raining down onto the battlefield.

Exedra knowing he'd won, rushed to catch his wife who was falling from the sky.

"Gotcha." He said as he gingerly caught the unconscious woman in his arms.

Holding her in a princess carry, he could see her injuries weren't anything severe, but defending against his infernal flames had used up every drop of mana in her body.

If she had used even a little bit less, she would've been covered in second degree burns.

He breathed a sigh of relief when she saw she was basically just napping after an intense workout.

"Hey! Can I get a medi-" before Exedra could finish his request for a medic from the crowd, his head was grabbed by the young woman in his arms and her lips were on his.

Exedra, and most of the spectators were incredibly shocked to see that not only did the young woman recover quickly, she even kissed her opponent.

Yara, Lailah, and Duke seemed to be the only ones not surprised by this development, and even somewhat expecting it.

WarWolves are a very simple race, they decide their roles with their mates through contest of battle.

Once defeated the victor would become the dominant one in the relationship and the loser would submit themselves completely, be they man or woman.

Due to the special circumstances behind, Bekka's marriage to Exedra she believed she'd never get to fulfill her customs but today she got her deeply buried wish.

She'd lost but contrary to feeling disappointed, she was ecstatic!

She finally had a true husband and to show how excited she was she kissed her husband passionately in front of everyone, as if to proclaim that she was truly his!lightsnovel


"That was awesome!"

"They're adorable!"

"Fuck I want a girlfriend.."

"He actually won.. The Young Master actually won!!"

The loud cheers of the crowd snapped Exedra out of the small mental shock the surprise attack had put him in. If she'd used that attack during the battle he'd have been finished!

When they separated, Exedra was the first to speak.

"W-why did you do that?" He wasn't expecting his first kiss to be stolen like that but far from being upset he was simply confused.

"We had a bet remember?" She said with a seductive smile.

"Ah…Yea I guess we did. "

"I belong to you now, so you have to treat me well okay?"


Hearing this, Exedra's face broke out into a warm smile before he planted a small kiss on his wife's forehead. "Of course."

"Do you…want to go again?" She meekly asked.

He didn't answer her, instead he went on the offensive this time and stole his wife's plump lips.

Far from being surprised, Bekka became slightly more aggressive and slipped her tongue into her husband's mouth.

The crowd watching this let out whistles and loud rounds of applause once again.

This was like a stage play!

Seeing a sexy young couple battle intensely and then make out afterwards was exactly what romance novels always spoke of!

The people who were spoken for in the crowd all made simultaneous vows not to let their partner sleep tonight.

Interestingly enough, nine months later there were a lot of new babies soon to be born in the castle.

Breaking their kiss Exedra slowly whispered " Yea.. let's go again."

Bekka smiled so widely, you couldn't even tell her eyes were open.