15 Ahh! Peeping Tom!

"Huff, huff, huff You got some great stamina huh?"

"Ha! Seems like it."

Exedra and Bekka had been sparring for the past five hours nonstop, and finally collapsed on the training ground side by side like a pair of best friends.

They lay underneath the glistening light of a full moon with the light coming down to reflect off their sweaty bodies.

By now, most of the spectators had long since left, as the castle couldn't be left unattended for so long but Duke, Lailah, and Yara remained along with a few guards who were rotating shifts.

"What's our score again?"

"Twelve to eight in your favor."

"Hmph I would've won more if you didn't start pulling those dirty tricks at the end." Exedra tried his hardest to keep his calm remembering the scenes from earlier.

Frustrated with her mounting losses Bekka resulted to her ultimate weapon against her husband.

She flashed him.


In front of everyone.

Though she did it at an angle where only he could see her holy mountains it still left both Exedra and the crowd extremely stunned.

WarWolves apparently have very little shame and are confident in their bodies due to the fact they spend their whole lives working on them.

Exedra was naturally extremely flustered, as this was his first time seeing real boobs in either of his lives and this small delay was all it took for Bekka to deliver a brutal kick to his midsection.

She won like that three more times!

'This little minx if she'd done that in the first round I would've lost for sure.' Exedra made a mental note to pay his teasing wife back for this later.

"Did my lovely husband not enjoy the show?" She wore a shit eating grin that said she already knew the answer.

"No, I definitely did. It was almost worth the blow I'd take after."

"Hehehe" Bekka giggled cutely before she rolled over to place a small peck on her husbands cheek.

"You two certainly seem to be getting along better." Yara's melodious voice interrupted the lovey dovey atmosphere of the happy couple.

"Now if you're done the two of you should wash up and prepare for dinner or have you forgotten my son?"

"Of course not."

After his mother had finished telling him the story of his father, before he left to spar with Bekka he told his mother he would be joining them for dinner.

This was a huge development as Exedra usually avoided his wives and ate dinner alone in his room or even with the servants.

Exedra slowly rose to his feet and extended his hand to his wife to help her up as well, when she gave his hand a strange look.

"You…you're not going to start treating me like some frail thing are you?" Bekka asked hesitantly.

Exedra looked at her like she was a fucking idiot.

Frail? Her? He'd never even considered it.

"Frail? You cracked four of my ribs! I know better than anyone how tough you are."

Bekka flashed her signature wide smile before accepting her husband's hand happily.

Lailah seeing the two of them so happy wore a complicated expression.

Who knew they both had these sides to them?

They truly looked so comfortable with each other you'd think they'd been living a normal married life all this time.

'Would he…see me like that too?' She thought but quickly suppressed the idea.


She didn't have any great qualities like Bekka.

She wasn't strong, charismatic, beautiful, or outgoing.

She was just a thrown away princess.

That was all she would ever be.

It was already an enormous blessing she was married to him on paper, and could provide her people certain benefits and wasn't treated harshly everyday.

To ask for any more would be the height of greed.

As she turned to follow Duke, who was going to oversee dinner preparations she suddenly felt a hand grab her wrist.

"Sorry would you mind accompanying me for a bit?" Exedra said with a warm smile that made her heart throb.

Yara seeing this also wore a small smile before she turned to leave.lightsnovel

'He's really grown up so well… Asmodeus you would be so proud.' As for all the secrets she was sure her son was keeping she wasn't too concerned.

…The hell she wasn't!

She'd just corner him at dinner where he couldn't run.

In true motherly fashion she was planning on interrogating him over his favorite meal.

Power like his never came cheap and she needed to know exactly what had happened to her son.

Seeing that Yara was walking away and she was about to be left alone with Exedra and Bekka, Lailah began to panic slightly.

"E-Eh? W-What do you want with me?"

"I wanted to ask you to go on a date with me as well."

Hearing the reason for Exedra's sudden pursuit of her. Lailah's brain immediately stopped working.

Seeing that his sudden declaration had short circuited his lovely wife's brain, he gently took her hand and then Bekka's before he began to explain.

"I'm well aware that neither of you wanted to marry me. You were thrown away, and cast out by your own people in exchange for resources for your clans. "

Hearing his words Bekka lowered her head and Lailah opened her mouth to protest but Exedra wasn't done.

"Though our meeting was less than ideal, you girls never treated me harshly, nor did you scheme against me. And I believe that is part of the reason I'd avoided you two for so long. "

"I didn't know how to respond properly to people who didn't outright detest me.

And I was ashamed..that two wonderful women were shackled to someone as useless as I was. "

Before either of the women could offer the young dragon words of protest, they were startled to see a small smile on his handsome face.

"But today I decided… I will be the kind of man the two of you can depend on. And I will make sure the two of you are never unhappy again."

At his next words Exedra's eyes began to glow a very noticeable red, as if to convey the passion in his gaze. "For my wives who were treated unfairly by the world for so long, your enemies shall be my enemies. And all that you desire shall be brought to your feet."

The women hearing this had very different reactions.

Lailah wore a small blush as tears began to well in her eyes.

Was someone truly saying these words? To her? She feared this was a dream she'd soon wake up from.

Bekka on the other hand…

'Fuck that was hot. I want him now… wait he said all of my desires right?'

Shyly she asked "Um.. So if I asked you to spar with me everyday you wouldn't get annoyed right?.."

"Hmm? Of course not. I'll be your sparring partner whenever you like. " Exedra was absolutely baffled seeing the timid way his wife was behaving.

'You weren't shy about flashing me in front of a large crowd but something like this concerned you?'

"Yay! Thank you husband!" Bekka dove into Exedra's arms and delivered him a big peck on the lips.

Hearing the word husband come from Bekka's lips Exedra felt his member twitch in excitement.

There was something about the way she said it that made him want to fuck her relentlessly.

Before he gave into his instincts and dove on top of his wife in the middle of the dusty training ground, Exedra turned around and began to head towards the bath.

"I-I'm gonna go get ready for dinner I'll meet you girls there."

"S-see you.."

"Bye Husband!"

Exedra gave a small chuckle and waved without looking back.


Far above, floating in the clouds a man could be seen watching everything with a neutral gaze.

The man had been there from the beginning and had not moved from his spot for five hours.

After another minute as he watched the three leave the training grounds only then did he show a small smile.

"The pace at which he and his wife improved..such a scary duo."

It was worth noting that Exedra and Bekka's first spar was incomparable to their last.

With such a good sparring partner their natural talent shone brightly and their growth exploded rapidly.

"It's about time isn't it?… I'm certainly excited."

The man's eyes glowed an intense gold before he was enveloped in a column of fire and disappeared.