16 Fear

POV : Lailah

As I walked towards the women's bathroom with Bekka neither of us had uttered a single word since we left the training grounds.

I could tell we were both still processing Exedra's words. We were so deep into our thoughts we'd almost bumped into several walls to get to our destination.

When we reached the bath, Bekka and I got undressed before we entered the water together.

As I gazed at her well defined muscles and large breasts, she was the first to break the silence.

"You know I've never been looked at like that."


"He looked at us like we were treasures.. He's so weird."

I gave a small chuckle before responding "Yes he is."

We sat in silence once more letting the steam and the hot water envelop our bodies.

"I'm scared…" I meekly said.

"Eh? Why? It's not even dark in here?" Bekka looked around frantically trying to see what could possibly frighten me.

Seeing her like this I must admit she is quite cute.

"I am already happy and I feel like wanting more is selfish of me… I am not even sure if I would make a good wife." I felt two small tears drop down my face and fall into the water yet I was powerless to stop them.

I suddenly felt two arms around me and looked up to see the she-wolf hugging me with a gentle look on her face.

"Do you worry we will be thrown away again?" Her tone was so calm and motherly if I wasn't looking at her I wouldn't think it was truly her speaking.lightsnovel

Slowly I nodded as the tears began to fall once more.

Slowly my friend wiped my tears with her clawed fingers before she softly said "Our husband is not that kind of man."

"But how can you know?" I did not want to be so pessimistic, but a life time of abuse left me unable to believe I could be wanted by anyone.

Even if I was who was to say It would last forever?

To know a love as passionate as his and then have it taken away… I believe it would be best to have not known it at all.

Bekka was silent for a while and when she finally spoke I expected to hear some comforting words to ease my troubled mind.

"Hmm..because I just know? I feel it in my bones!" She said proudly.

I simply stared at her gobsmacked.

She seemingly noticed my blank look before she chuckled and said "Come here and let me wash your hair."

As I slowly sat between her legs she hummed a soft melody while she washed my hair and it did help to calm my nerves if only slightly.

After she finished washing the soap out of my hair she gave me a warm hug from behind. "Just trust me, but most importantly trust in our husband."

We stayed like that for a while before It was time to get out.

As we got dressed and prepared to head for dinner I made a resolution in my mind.

'Whatever it takes I will make myself as useful as possible so that he will never throw me away.'

I will not lose this happiness I've gained.