17 Cornered Rat

POV : Exedra

"Exedra Avernus Draven! Start explaining immediately young man! What the hell happened to you today!"

Sigh, somehow I should've known this would happen.

As soon as I sat down to dive into a delicious looking meal with my wonderful little family, my mother immediately began to interrogate me over my feats earlier in the day.

As I looked to both of my wives for help, I realized they weren't gonna help me either!

Their eyes were burning just as intensely as my mom's!

I looked towards Duke who was stationed motionlessly against the wall and realized he'd be useless too!

Bastard, I'm supposed to be your Young Master! If you see me drowning save me!

It wasn't that I didn't want to tell them the truth, it's just I didn't know what exactly to tell them.

How do you explain a sudden and drastic increase in appearance, ability and a miraculous healing of a lifetime ailment?

While I certainly could've hidden everything except my appearance, I didn't want to.

I've already lived my life as a sniveling rat who hides from any kind of conflict, and I wouldn't do it a second time.

Call it a dragon's natural pride, but I will use all tools at my disposal going forward and will hide from no one.

Thinking about all this was giving me a serious headache so I just decided to come partially clean.

"These…were gifts." I said after much deliberation.

"Gifts?" My mother stared back at me in complete shock. What kind of gifts were these?

I nodded and continued. "When I fell ill two days ago, I was stuck in a black space.

It was there that a mysterious entity spoke to me and asked me what I desired the most in my heart. "

"And? What did you ask for?" Bekka asked with a glimmer in her eyes.

"A body that could contain my mana, and mastery of every weapon in existence." I said.

I kept my request for a system a secret because I was certain they wouldn't understand it anyways.

And since my new body is a direct result of my wish for weapon mastery I figured this was the easiest way to make them understand my changes.

"I'm happy my boy is healthy now but… for something so great I'm sure the price will be costly. "lightsnovel

I understood my mother's worries, as this was also something I'd considered.

There is no free lunch in the world after all.

"Maybe it will be." I said as I stared into my glass of wine that was the same color as my hair.

"But as long as it does not call for the blood of my loved ones, I will pay any cost."

"Even if it asked me to wage war with every nation under the sun and moon, I would do it."

"To me, being a son you can be proud of, and a husband the two of you can depend on, is worth any cost." I said as I looked each of the women at the table in the eye.

I saw a small smile on all of their faces.

Even Duke had one he was desperately trying to keep hidden but to no avail.

I guess the old dragon is more sentimental than I thought.

"Well..if you feel that strongly about it I have nothing left to say." My mother took a big gulp of wine and I could tell she was in a happy mood, even if she was concerned.

"And for the record…I was always proud of you my son." She said as she gently squeezed my hand.

"My baby boy is finally healthy after seventeen years!" She exclaimed.


"We should celebrate! I have to tell everyone you're finally healthy!"

At this time Lailah who had been silent this whole time, finally chirped up. "Well his birthday is next week right? We can announce it then!"

Bekka : "That's a great idea Lailah!"

Yara : "Lailah you beautiful genius!"

As Lailah blushed furiously I sighed and began to eat.

Truth be told? I'd never had a birthday party and honestly I didn't feel like I deserved to celebrate.

I wasn't the original owner of this body after all.

And yet, seeing the excitement on the faces of everyone, as they began to discuss plans for me I didn't have the heart to tell them no.

'As expected.. this is delicious.' I thought with a smile as I silently ate dinner amongst my family.