18 A Sexy Ambush and A Plot!

General POV

After dinner Exedra returned to his room to rest.

Even though his new body could actually go days without sleeping, he'd done a lot today and had accumulated quite a bit of mental fatigue.

'Still can't get used to the softness of these sheets. I wonder if this is the kind of thing the upper class had back home.' He thought bitterly, as he recalled his poor life back on earth.

Knock, Knock, Knock!

Hearing a knock at his door Exedra immediately cocked his brow in confusion.

Opening the door he was greeted with the sight of two wolf ears standing proudly in a sea of black hair.

Bekka stood at the door wearing her signature wide smile, a racy nightgown, and a robe with a pillow tucked under her muscled arm.

"Hello husband! I have come to spend the night with you."


"Geez let me in its cold out here you know."

Exedra's body began to move on autopilot as he moved to allow the young beast kin woman into his room.

Eventually he managed to wrap his brain around what he'd just done but by then it was too late and Bekka was already sitting on his bed with a rather expectant look on her face.

As he looked at the sight of his wife on the bed he thought 'You know what? Maybe I'm not that tired.'

Exedra practically leaped on top of his wife and began kissing her passionately while his hands slowly lifted up her dress.

Bekka made no moves to stop him and judging by the subtle moans she was letting out she seemed to be enjoying herself more than him.

Only when she felt something big and warm poking her leg did she get slightly nervous but who was she?

A true warrior who knew nothing of surrender! She would welcome any challenge!

Knock, knock, knock!

As soon as the pair heard another knock on the door the hot and heavy atmosphere disappeared as if it were never there.

Exedra looked as though he was having a hard time holding back as his breathing was still heavy and his erection hadn't gone down so, Bekka elected to open the door.

The couple was surprised when, upon opening the door Lailah stood there wearing a black robe and a heavy blush.

"May I..come in?" She sheepishly asked.

"Yeah, of course!" Bekka and Exedra responded in unison, earning a laugh from the both of them.

Seeing the closeness of the two once again, Lailah was reaffirmed with the choice she was about to make.

Slowly, Lailah walked and stood in front of Exedra who was seated on the edge of the bed.

"What's the matter?" He had noticed she was having trouble looking him in the eye.

Lailah simply said nothing and after taking several deep breaths she undid her black silk robe and let it fall to the floor.

She wore a set of black lingerie underneath. The material was extremely thin, leaving her body in full view of the stunned dragon.lightsnovel

If Exedra wasn't slowly getting used to the fact that he would be seeing the bodies of these two women on a regular basis he'd have fallen over with a nosebleed already.

"Why..are you doing this?" It was difficult to hold back his lust but he managed to ask the question burning in his mind through gritted teeth.

"I want.. to make myself useful to you."

Hearing her reasoning Exedra no longer had to struggle to keep himself in check and he went completely flaccid.

"Lailah you-" Bekka attempted to stop her friend, but Exedra raised his hand signaling for her to let him handle the delicate matter.

Exedra pulled a blanket from the bed and gently draped it around the shoulders of the young witch.


'Does he not want me? Am I not attractive to him in that way?' Lailah was utterly confused but when she looked into her husband's deep red eyes, she saw so much warmth and concern that it made her heart ache.

"Why?.." her voice was so low it was barely a whisper.

Now it was Exedra's turn to say nothing, as he gently took her hand and brought her to sit next to him on the edge of the bed.

"You don't need to force yourself to do things that make you uncomfortable for the benefit of others, least of all for me."

"N-no I wasn't trying to-"

"You've been shaking like a leaf ever since you entered this room."

"T-that's.." the young witch fell silent. She couldn't think of an argument for her husband. She'd been completely defeated. Her plan to not be thrown away had gone up in smoke.

"I just want to be close to you.. and I don't want you to throw me away." Faced with no other options she just decided to be completely honest.

Tears slowly began to fall from her ruby red eyes.

Exedra's heart was being tugged relentlessly with every word the beautiful young woman spoke.

He couldn't for the life of him understand why she thought he'd abandon her, but when he remembered her past he found the answer easily.

'Slowly but surely I'll get her to trust me.'

He slowly brought his hand to her face and lightly brushed her cheek with his thumb before planting a light kiss on her forehead.

"Listen to me girls…" he said addressing both of his wives with a previously unseen seriousness.

"Whether you want to spend your entire day in the library eating sweets.." he said looking at Lailah who blushed again knowing her guilty habit had been found out.

"Or out on the training grounds beating down the guards." Bekka smiled widely hearing this slight jab at her.

"Nothing will change the fact that you are my wives and I will not abandon you now or ever. I will not ask anything of you and I will spoil you to the ends of the earth. I will make up for the miserable years you lived before we met, day by day until they seem like nothing more than a bad dream."

"And I hope.." he looked Lailah in her deep watery eyes that were threatening to leak any second. "That one day you will be more bold and selfish with your desires, and openly tell me what you want."

Lailah closed her eyes and took a deep breath, seemingly taking the words that'd just been said and absorbing them into her very soul.

Bekka watching this scene said nothing and only wore a small smile. 'He's really a great man.. I may be more lucky than I realized.'

After a full minute Lailah slowly opened her ruby red eyes and said in a voice full of confidence "Kiss me."

Exedra's surprise at his wife's sudden change of tone only lasted about half a second before he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in for their first kiss.