19 Earning That R-18 Tag

When Exedra and Lailah finally shared their first kiss, the young witch felt her whole world spin.

She felt electricity shoot to her brain from her lips, as she reveled in the passionate kiss of the man she'd eventually come to rely on.

His kiss was gentle yet slightly aggressive, perfectly conveying the attraction he felt for her while subtly alluding to his primal instincts he was once again suppressing.

Feeling such an indescribable wave of euphoria left the woman in a mind numbing state.

She knew nothing except that she didn't want this to end. She was only aware of the sensation of her husband's lips and the nectar leaking from her secret garden.

"Geez, how long are you two gonna leave me out!" Bekka said with an adorable pout on her face.

When they broke the kiss Lailah laughed before she responded. "Fufufu, you got to kiss him lots today you know? I'm just playing catch up."

"Tsk, fine." Bekka looked upset on the outside but inwardly? She was over the moon. Seeing the way her best friend was finally acting more comfortable brought her a sense of elation she didn't even know was possible.

She'd gladly let her hog their husband as much as she wanted if she'd keep smiling like this!

…or so she thought.

Ten minutes later they were still kissing!

What is she a fly on the wall?

"Aaargh! I can't take it anymore!" The she wolf tackled the pair and pinned them onto the bed with a wild look in her bright green eyes.

"Haha! Can't my friend be a little more patient?" Lailah's teasing laughter only served to rile the young wolf up even more.

"No." She growled before she planted a firm kiss on her friends lips.

Where Exedra's kiss was gentle yet slightly passionate Bekka's kiss was much more aggressive and primal and hid none of her burning desire.

She'd come here tonight with a purpose after all, and even if it was for a good reason she was still a little upset her plans had been canceled.

Now her pent up desire was showing itself in the form of a hungry passionate kiss with her only friend.

The young witch was originally surprised by the sudden kiss but soon her eyes rolled back into her head from pleasure and her body loosened considerably.

Breaking the kiss with Lailah, Bekka immediately went and found Exedra's lips which had been watching the previous development with great interest.

Exedra could naturally feel and smell the wetness coming from between his wife's legs and felt himself begin to lose control as well.

"You know we can't tonight." He said as he finally managed to break the kiss with his incredibly horny wife.

Bekka whimpered and burried her head into her husbands neck.

Of course she knew that it wouldn't be right for them to continue now that Lailah was here and she clearly wasn't ready, but her body was desperately crying out to be filled up by the one she'd fully accepted as her mate.

"Should we sleep?" Exedra asked the girls but both of their minds were elsewhere.

Bekka was still incredibly horny and Lailah was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed watching the two of them with an incredibly curious eye.

Even though she wasn't ready herself, she was still an inquisitive woman by nature, and faced with this new chance to learn in front of her, she was naturally very interested.

"Husband…" Bekka looked into Exedra's eyes with a look of fervent desire.

"Please make me cum…" she begged.

Exedra looked briefly towards Lailah to see if she looked uncomfortable at all, but far from it she looked incredibly interested.

"…Okay" he said as he briefly kissed her lips before he sat up and placed the woman in his lap with her back facing him.

He'd never touched a girl like this before, but he'd watched a concerning amount of porn in his last life, so he knew what spots to tease for his desired result.lightsnovel

Exedra slowly slipped his hands up his wife's dress and her breathing got heavier the further up his hand went.

Lailah moved and came and sat so that she was eye level with her friend's vagina.

She was sure this was going to be a most valuable learning opportunity and she wanted to see it up close.


"H-Hey don't stare, it's embarrassing." The usual wild and bold hellhound was nowhere to be seen and all that remained was a completely submissive woman couldn't hide her arousal.

When Exedra finally completely lifted up her dress her womanhood was revealed.

It was neatly shaved, with only a small tuff of black hair on top of it.

"It's so pretty." Lailah complimented. She'd bathed with Bekka several times but this was her first time getting such an intimate view of her friend.

"D-don't say such- Aahh!" Bekka's words were interrupted by her husband's finger finally making contact with her clit.

As he rubbed it gently, yet firmly, he used his free hand to cup one of his wife's large breasts and began pinching and pulling her nipples.

"Yes! Yess!! Ahhh!!" Bekka slowly began to lose herself to pleasure and she quickly began to get wetter and wetter as she lost more control of her body.

Hearing his wife's cries of pleasure brought Exedra's instincts out further and before he knew it he began to lick and suck her neck while he played expertly with her body.

The addition of another part of her body being stimulated was simply too much for the poor girl and her cries became more intense as she felt her orgasm building from inside her stomach.

"Fuck I'm close I'm close!! Please don't stop!"

Exedra lost a little more of his sanity when he heard this and his instincts took over in that brief moment.

He bit into his wife's neck with his pointed teeth and drew a small amount of blood at the same time as he pinched hard on her left nipple.

The unexpected pain turned into an indescribable pleasure that made her mind go blank as she released the hardest orgasm she'd ever had.

"I'm cumminggg! Awwooooo!!!" As she finally released her pent up orgasm, the hellhound instinctively let out a pleasure filled howl from the depths of her soul.

She'd never felt pleasure like this before!

While she'd never slept with anyone, she masturbated frequently and believed she'd completely understood her body and yet her husband managed to give her an orgasm incomparable to anything she'd ever given herself.

With her hazy orange and black eyes she looked down only to see she'd squirted when she came and had inadvertently given her friend a second bath.

"Ahh.. I'm sorry Lailah." She barely managed to stammer out an apology as the orgasm left her in a bit of a dizzy state.

Far from being disgusted or upset Lailah was really quite curious.

Did lewd things really feel that good?

She saw sides of her friend and husband that she'd never seen before that left her slightly aroused.

Her husband was so dominant and sexy and her friend was so submissive and beautiful.

While she was deep in thought, she unconsciously used her small pink tongue to lick some of the juices that had covered her face.

'Delicious!' Like a shock had went off in her brain, the young witches eyes widened in surprise.

Her friends nectar was simply divine and she'd never tasted anything like it before!

So sweet and yet slightly salty.

Lailah had a deep love for sweets so faced with a new treat she naturally had to taste more of it.