20 Earning That R-18 Tag Pt.2

"How was it my love?" Exedra asked as he kissed the neck and cheek of his wife who had yet to recover fully.

"So…So good." She whispered.

Exedra simply chuckled as he felt pride in seeing his wife's state.

He was a straight A student in his last life but this was undoubtedly the achievement that meant the most to him.

He silently thanked all of his favorite porn websites from back home for giving him this moment of glory.

'Thank you PornCub.'

'Thank you HentaiHeaven'.

'Thank you Fwitter.'

As Exedra was busy thanking the porn gods for this grand moment, Lailah reached for his hand that was still on top of Bekka's pulsing vagina.

"Hm? What's wrong Lailah?" He wore a confused expression as she held his hand and eyed it like she was hungry.

The woman didn't answer. Instead she opened her small mouth and inserted her husband's fingers inside.

She diligently began to lick his fingers lapping up every drop of nectar that was left behind.

Exedra was slightly stunned as he watched this, but he quickly got used to it and he simply watched his wife in utter fascination.

After she was finished she gently removed his fingers from her mouth before she looked at him with her red eyes that were eerily similar to his own. "She tastes so good."

Exedra smiled upon hearing this and Bekka actually blushed slightly.

"Well..you should eat your fill then right?" He asked as he spread Bekka's legs wider to allow Lailah full access to her dripping vagina.

"H-hey let me rest for a second I'm still really sensiti- Mmh!" Bekka's complaints fell on deaf ears as Lailah dove between her legs and gently licked her vagina.

'It's so good!' Lailah thought as she greedily began to lick her friend's vagina while she shivered uncontrollably.

While her vagina was being licked by her friend, her husband had once again started pinching her nipples while nibbling on her neck and she was once again losing control of her body.

'I want to taste more.' Suddenly, Lailah stopped licking her friend and backed away slightly.

Bekka once again whimpered in frustration as she felt another really big orgasm coming and being interrupted was incredibly frustrating.

She was about to cry out and beg her friend to continue when her husband whispered in her ear "Shh.. be a good girl and wait okay?"lightsnovel

Naturally he couldn't read Lailah's mind but when he saw the hungry look in her eyes he understood that she definitely wouldn't be stopping for long.

Lailah closed her eyes and whispered "Lingua Serpentis."

She opened her eyes again and came between Bekka's crotch to show her what she'd done.

When she opened her mouth, her small pink tongue, was revealed to have turned into the long, forked tongue of a serpent.

Bekka immediately felt her body shiver in anticipation.

Slowly, Lailah inserted her five inch tongue deep inside of her friend's vagina.

"Oh, fuck yess!" Bekka immediately jerked her body involuntarily, and let lose a cry of pleasure that shook the walls of the room.

Lailah swirled her tongue around inside of her vagina, trying to taste as much of her delicious juices as possible.

'The deeper I go, the better she tastes!' If Bekka was on cloud nine, Lailah wasn't too far behind.

She got to eat something sweet, spend time with her family, and she was learning a lot too!

Exedra turned his wife's face toward him and captured her sweet lips.

As their tongues intertwined he felt her release pleasure filled moans into his mouth, stoking his desire even further.

Gradually, Bekka began to buck her hips back and forth, attempting to get Lailah's tongue into her deepest nooks and crannies, as her orgasm once again began to build.


"Mmh Mmh Mmmmf!!!" When the hellhound girl came for the second time, her entire body shook intensely as she once again squirted.

This time she managed to get most of it into the waiting mouth of the witch between her legs.

Lailah greedily swallowed every drop she was gifted before she slowly retracted her tongue and admired her handy work.

Bekka's entire body was shivering.

Her eyes had long since rolled back into her head and she and Exedra had already broken their lustful kiss.

Her vagina was still trembling and saliva and nectar could still be seen dribbling from the entrance.

Exedra gingerly picked the exhausted woman up before placing her into bed underneath a blanket.