22 Whole New Life and I’m Still Poor!

POV : Exedra

It's been a few hours since I woke up from that strange dream and got all these surprise notifications.

After that, I couldn't go back to sleep no matter how hard I tried so I've just been laying here with these two lovely women in my arms waiting for them to wake up.

Sunlight has finally begun to spill into the room through the balcony, and I'm sure they'll be up soon.

Since I'd had nothing to do the entire time but lay here, I'd been familiarizing myself more with my system.

I'd learned the system was capable of extracting my memories and playing them back in front of me like some kind of streaming service.

It didn't matter how long it'd been since I'd seen or heard something all I'd need was a general idea of what I was looking for, in order for the file to be extracted and replayed.

Basically, I can use this to watch anime and listen to the music from my old life!

Only ones I've already seen though, but good anime can be watched thousands of times over!

*Cough* ahem, Otaku things aside, I can finally open the evolution screen and see my evolution requirements.

Previously, I was unable to open it no matter how hard I tried and the system wasn't telling me much either so I just left it alone.

After seeing that notification earlier, I realized the reason I couldn't open the menu was because I couldn't evolve yet.

I guess it makes sense when I think about it.

Evolutionary paths and requirements are directly carved into your soul upon birth, and since my soul is not originally of this world, I couldn't evolve.

< Exedra Avernus Draven >

< Evolution Path : #%*^€£$@? %^[!€¥ [Fallen Abyssal Species (Variant) ]

< First Stage Conditions :

- Conquer Five Dungeons

- Consume the hearts of ten worthy enemies.

- Gain a total of four affinities. (2/4 completed.)

As I read over the conditions again, I once again felt a headache incoming.

Dungeons are naturally occurring labyrinths that contain rare non-sentient monsters and are found all over the world.

They are the most favored way of growing and gaining strength by the lower races such as humans and beastkin.

Longer lived races, such as vampires, dragons, and phoenixes rarely use them as our bodies have evolved so that we gain strength naturally as we age.

We literally absorb mana from our surroundings with every breath and use that energy to stimulate our cells.

While it's a slower method, given all the time we have to live, it hardly matters.

To them, a member of their race entering dungeons is seen as a waste of time, as we haven't been in any kind of conflict for centuries now.

Who would dare to attack a nation led by a demigod?

In Antares, there are a total of fifteen dungeons each ranging from beginner to elite difficulty.

While beginner could probably be cleared by a small party or a single extremely talented individual, elite dungeons have wiped out whole parties of a hundred.

It wouldn't be difficult for me to acquire a pass into a dungeon as a member of the royal family, so the hard part is just picking out which dungeons to go to.

'But this…' my eyes turned to the third and final condition for my evolution before I opened the shop tab on my system.

< Shop >

< Demon's Axe of Banishment (1,500)lightsnovel

< Passive Skill : Diamond Scales (1,000)

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

< Skill : Primordial Demon's Will (7,500)

< Affinity Stone : Lightning (10,000)

< Affinity Stone : Space (20,000)

< Ring Of Repulsion (7,000)

< Abyss King's True Death (100,000)

Damn it.. I did not miss the feeling of not being able to buy things.

The system says I can earn shop points by completing missions and killing monsters, so I'll be solving this problem soon, but still.

This brings back unpleasant memories.

Ignoring my once again empty pockets, I focused on the two affinity stones going for an exorbitant amount of points.

Though when I consider the value of what they are, I realize it's quite cheap.

Affinities, like evolution are decided from birth.

Though that is where the similarities end.

Not everyone is born with an affinity, and some are born with two.

To pull off certain high level spells, the user must have its coordinating affinity or risk fatal backlash upon completion.

Affinity stones occur naturally, and they allow anyone who crushes them in their palm to gain the element inside.

They are incredibly rare and difficult to find.

Even we, the wealthy, treasure hoarding dragons, have only found six in our millennia long history.

The difference between using a spell with its affinity versus without is like comparing a car explosion to a nuclear one.

Due to my makeup as a perfect hybrid, I possess my mother's fire affinity and what I can only guess is my father's darkness affinity.

'I am already a rarity, yet this system is telling me it's not enough.' I thought with a bitter smile.

I wasn't upset about it though, quite the opposite.

My goal is to stand atop the heads of all who looked down on me from the moment I was born, and reign supreme as a God Beast.

I will become a monster feared and respected by all creation.

I'm well aware this is a monumental task and if I didn't have this system, it would be a million times harder.

How can I be upset when I have the path to get there laid out in front of me?

"*Yawn* Good morning, husband."

Shaking me out of my plans for the future was the sound of my wife Bekka who was the first to wake up.

The glimmering light of the sun shone against her black skin and made her look incredibly radiant.

As she sat up on the bed she looked at me with her bright orange eyes filled with love and drowsiness, her eyes soon widened and the loving look she gave me soon turned into one of pure confusion.

I couldn't pay attention to any of that though.

Right above her head, was a message from the system.

It was one that would undoubtedly change our lives forever.