23 Why Does My Body Keep Changing?!

Floating right above Bekka's head were words that almost shocked my soul out of my body.

< Would you like to see this individual's evolution requirements?

"Husband…did you get another wish or something?" Bekka asked me curiously.

I was so shocked by what I was seeing I barely registered her question. "Hm? No, why?"

"You look different again."

I raised my brow in confusion before I gingerly shifted the still sleeping Lailah off of me so I could examine myself in the mirror.

As I stared at myself in the mirror, I realized I had indeed changed again.

One of my eyes was now a bright purple, and my body was now covered in intricate black tattoos.

I immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

I thought I'd have another drastic change to explain to everyone again, but this is fine.

Plus I'd always wanted tattoos in my last life, but they're kind of expensive, so I never got any.

"Ah…how do I look?" I asked my wife who hadn't stopped staring at me since she woke up.

"Powerful.. your aura feels completely different now." She slowly walked towards me and rested her hand against my cheek.

She stared at me so intensely I started to believe she could see my soul. "Your eyes are beautiful my love."

At her words I immediately felt a faint blush oncoming.

I'd never been complimented on my appearance before, and hearing the love in my wife's voice as she said it made the attack super effective.

I said nothing and simply took her hand and kissed it.

"Mmm morning guys.." Suddenly Lailah rose out of the bed and sleepily rubbed her eyes.

I'd never seen her like this before and I must admit, she's unbelievably adorable.

It took me a second before I noticed, but floating right above her head were the same words I saw above Bekka's.

< Would you like to see this individual's evolution requirements?

'Yes.' I thought.

< Lailah Izanami Draven >

< Evolution Path : Mother of Jörmungandr (Unique Species)

< First stage conditions

- Ingest 100 different kinds of poison (0/100)

- Gain a Serpent type familiar

- Take revenge on a being who's wronged you.

Jörmungandr?… Where have I heard that name before?

I feel like it's important, yet I can't remember why… whatever I'll think on it later.

As I quickly read my wife's conditions, i sighed when I noticed only the second condition would be easy.

I wasn't at all keen about having my wife swallow poison.

I didn't even know how to convince her to take it! We'd just started bonding and I doubt she'd believe me if I told her she needed to almost kill herself to evolve.

Remembering her timid and frail personality, I can't see her taking revenge on anyone either.

Though maybe this would be exactly what she'd need to overcome her shyness?


As much as I want my wife to be strong, I don't want to force her to do anything.

"Honey..did you change again?" The sweet melodious voice of my wife once again shook me from my thoughts.

"Yea, it was a surprise to me too. Do you like it?"

"You look very handsome." She said as she hugged me and placed her cheek against my chest.

"Doesn't he?" Bekka giggled as she hugged me as well.

Ahh… this is truly the best way to spend mornings.

All the worries I had are just melting away.

Knock, Knock, Knock!

Hearing a knock at the door, our lovey dovey atmosphere was immediately broken.

I kissed both girls on their forehead before I went to open the door.

Standing at the door was Duke and a few dozen maids each holding an armful of clothes.

"Ah, goodmorning Young Master. I've procured some clothes that take into account your.. recent… growth spurt.." As the old man's voice trailed off I realized he finally noticed my changes.

I sighed and then turned around to see that both of my wives were properly covered before I let everyone in my room.

All the maids were giving me strange looks as well, ranging from curiosity to flat out lust.

I may have been imagining things, but I thought I saw a dense, black aura seeping from the bodies of my wives that made a few of the maids shiver.

Well I didn't get much sleep last night, I'm probably still tired.

As I looked at all the clothes laid out on my bed I got an immediate headache.

Stuffy. Pompous. Uncomfortable. Shiny.

Those were the only words I could think of to describe the clothes in front of me.

"Are any of these clothes to your liking?"

'Hell no!' I wanted to scream.

I get that we're royals and all but I refuse to wear this stuff.

I would've torched it already if I wasn't certain it cost a small fortune.lightsnovel

Suddenly, my gaze landed on a long black robe that looked incredibly soft.

Next to it were a pair of basic pants and a golden ceremonial necklace made out of fenris teeth.

I quickly picked them up before I showed them to Duke.

"Old man, I appreciate the gesture but all of this is too much. Just bring me things like this okay?"

"Young master, those are the cheapest items here. Surely your wardrobe could use more variety-"

"Nope, don't care." I had to interrupt him because there was no way he'd ever convince me so I wanted to save us both some time.

I was like this in my last life too. If a place required me wearing anything other than a hoodie and jeans, I wouldn't go.

"Return everything else and use some of the money to get me things like this please." I said once again holding up the clothes I'd chosen.

"For the rest, split it up amongst yourselves as a small bonus." With that I turned to leave my room and head to the bath.

While the maids were smiling brightly at this, Duke looked slightly flustered.

"Young master, we couldn't possibly accept-"

"You can and you will old man." I said over my shoulder not leaving any room for debate.

My wives chuckled alongside eachother before they followed me as well.


This morning taught me a few things.

1.Bekka is quite playful in the bath.

2.I can only see the evolution requirements of beings who've either yet to evolved or only evolved once.

I couldn't see Duke's requirements earlier, or my mother's at breakfast.

I assume it's like a proficiency thing, and I'll be able to see more when I evolve myself.

"Are you ready husband?" Lailah asked.

"Of course." I smiled.

Right now I was about to go on my first date with Lailah.

We were heading down into the city for a day of shopping and relaxation.

Earlier in the bath I asked both girls what they'd like to do on our date and this was her answer.

Bekka said she wanted to tackle a dungeon so we'll be doing that one tomorrow.

I'll finally get to start working on my evolution conditions and not a moment too soon.

My birthday's next week and mom invited all four of the major dragon clans, as well as the rest of the royal family and some other honorary guests.

The four major clans are the ones who are led by the dragon lords.

They're basically a unit of government that serves directly under the king and handle most of the political matters.

It was these clans that spit on me when I was at my lowest and said I was no more than an unworthy lizard.

I will not be seen as weak. Not by them, not by anyone.

For those who have chosen to look down on me, I shall pull their still beating hearts from their chests and find the measure of their life in death.


"Huh? What's the matter?" I asked, confused over why my wife had her finger in my cheek.

"Your eyes started glowing and you had a scary look on your face. Are you alright?"


" I was simply thinking about the steps I would have to take if someone was eyeing my beautiful wife while we were out." I said with a charming smile.

Will it work?..

"Hmph, such a sweet mouth on this one." She said rolling her eyes.

"No need to worry about that, I belong to you and you alone." She smiled brightly as she took my hand.


Romance novels you truly haven't failed me!

As we walked to the exit of the castle, I couldn't help but keep staring at Lailah.

She was gorgeous in every sense of the word.

Today she wore a black sleeveless dress that exposed parts of her torso underneath and hugged her body deliciously.

Her arms and fingers were decorated with golden bands and rings that were inscribed with runes and emanated a faint magic power.

She's the type of woman I wouldn't have even been allowed to breathe around in my last life.

'I said it as a distraction but…what would I do if someone were looking at her funny on the street?' I wondered.

The answer wasn't hard to find.

If I didn't kill them I'd just singe their nuts off.

I finally have happiness after so long and I will allow no one to take it from me.

Given that I'm technically a prince, if I killed a rowdy citizen or twenty, no one would so much as sneeze at me.

Not that I would make it a habit.

As the guards opened the door for us and we were greeted by the warm morning sun, we soon entered an elaborate carriage with a gold and red design bearing the emblem of a dragon on top of a mountain.

With two pitch black, muscular horses at the front, we practically screamed nobility.

Luckily, I talked the guards out of coming with us or we'd stick out even more.

As we prepared to ride into the city, it finally hit me that I was going out with someone for the first time.