24 First Date

General POV

The city of Naamah was the largest city in the Kingdom of Antares. Famous for it's beautiful and well developed architecture, the city was widely known as the Jewel of the Kingdom with many travelers commenting on its unparalleled beauty at night.

There were a variety of races bustling about.

From the extremely common beastmen to the rare elf and dwarf and the even rarer human.

Antares did not close its borders so anyone was free to come and live here, although the price was quite hefty.

There was always a lively atmosphere present in the streets but today, the aura of excitement was even more prevalent.

That was because Princess Yara's royal carriage was seen out on the streets after a few months of no sightings.

She was seen as the most beautiful woman in Antares and was extremely popular with the locals.

She was so graceful and warm that men didn't frantically lust after her, women looked up to her and rowdy children listened to her.

So naturally everyone was excited to see the unparalleled beauty of their goddess once again!

A large crowd had been following behind the carriage since it was sighted in the city.

At a respectable distance of course.

How could they claim to love their goddess if they inconvenienced her?! That would simply be blasphemy!

After twenty minutes, the carriage stopped in front of a small bookstore called 'The Written Hideaway'.

It was owned and operated by a very beautiful lesser dragon named Lisa and her daughter.

Lesser dragon is a term used to describe dragons that awaken no magical element.

Despite the lesser in their name, they are usually treated as ordinary citizens by other citizens, but harshly discriminated against by noble dragons.

"It stopped!"

"Is she really as beautiful as the rumor's say?"

"Even the vampire queen pales in comparison."

"I have to ask where she buys her makeup from."


"D-don't look at me like that I just want my wife to look like her!"


When the carriage door finally creaked open, the street became deadly silent.

This was the moment they all wanted to see.

The moment when a goddess descended from the immortal plane to grace her followers with her beauty.

They were going to thoroughly burn this moment into their minds.

Who knows when the next time they'll see their goddess is?!

What happened next shocked everyone.

Slowly a man descended from the carriage.

He wore a long black robe with no shirt underneath so that his tattooed abs and chest were fully visible. Around his neck dangled an expensive ceremonial necklace that was rumored to have been bought yesterday.

He wore dark burgundy pants and a pair of well made black sandals. His long wine red hair was tied into a ponytail that draped down his back, allowing everyone to get a good view of the most handsome man they'd ever seen.

His eyes shone like two perfect gemstones, one ruby and one amethyst.

His four horns on top of his head, and his scaly clawed hands, let all know he was a dragon, and the aura emanating from him, said that he was as powerful as he was beautiful.


"Who is he?"

"Was there someone who looked like that in the castle?"

"First I'm hearing of it."

"I wonder what his workout routine is…"

"Why? You're very fit Mia."

"Oh, I just want my husband to look like that."

As the man got out from the carriage, he raised his hand to assist someone in getting down as well.

Was their goddess coming now? Then who was this man?

Princess Yara once said to the old lady who owns the flower shop that no man or woman on this earth still living could hold her heart.

Everyone knew she met some man when she went missing several years ago and she returned with a child.

Everyone assumed her lover had perished because who in their right mind would abandon such an incredible beauty?

Did this man succeed in charming that gorgeous widow?

Slowly, a figure the crowd actually recognized took the man's hand, and descended as well.lightsnovel

"It's lady Lailah!"

"Oh? Isn't she married to the prince?"

"Then could that man be…?"

"I thought he was supposed to be sickly?"

"Well who else could that be?"

"If he's sick with something, I want it too."

The couple were much too enamored in their date to notice they were the topic of conversation amongst the citizens and entered the bookstore together hand in hand.


Upon entering the bookstore, the couple was greeted with a warm, cozy atmosphere that could instantly relax the nerves of a couple on their first date.

Rows of books as far as the eye could see decorated every corner.

Everything from fictional stories, to fables and even spell books.

"Welco- Oh! Lady Lailah it's been so long!" A small voice was heard rushing towards them at breakneck speed.

A small, brown haired child dove towards Lailah and gave the young witch the biggest hug she could muster.

This caused Lailah to giggle furiously and return the bearhug with one of her own. "Little Mira you've gotten so big!"

The little girl, upon hearing this stepped back and puffed her chest out with pride. "That's right Mira is a big girl now, I'm already six!"

Upon stepping back Exedra was finally able to get a good look at the young girl.

She had long brown hair and a pair of golden eyes. Her small cute face was decorated with freckles and she had a tiny brown horn on her forehead.

Poking out of her back were two dark blue wings with a tail to match.

Suddenly Mira noticed she and her favorite customer was not alone and she became very curious about the man who was standing next to her.

As she stared into his two differently colored eyes all she could think was "So cool…"

Exedra upon hearing this chuckled slightly before the young girl walked up to him ,and gestured for him to pick her up by raising her arms into the air.

He obliged her and lifted her up so that they were eye level and the girl could observe his eyes more closely.

"Mira shouldn't you be more wary of strangers?" Lailah asked with a chuckle.

Mira looked back and forth between Exedra and Lailah before responding.

"Well he's with lady Lailah so he can't possibly be a bad person." She nodded satisfactorily as if she'd just made the most brilliant deduction in the history of independent thought.

Returning her focus to the young man holding her, she immediately began to inspect his eyes with the greatest of curiosity. "Woahh… one's red and ones purple."

"Haha, do you like them little one?"

"Yea! Were you born with them?" She asked excitedly.

"No, these are a bit of a gift."

"A gift? Like from dwarf clause?"

"Not quite." Exedra chuckled.

"I want a gift like that!"

"Oh really? Then shall I pull out my eyes and give them to you then?" He said in a teasing tone.

"Mister no you can't do that!"

"Ha! I was just kiddi-"

Before he could complete his joke the little girl wiggled in his arms and pulled out a silver spoon from her back pocket. "Scoop them out with this! It'll hurt less!"

Exedra stared blankly at the little girl before turning his gaze towards his wife who watched this scene with a large grin.

"Is she serious?"


"Yes I am!"

"Mira! Are you helping the customers proper-" suddenly a woman came into view from a door behind the counter.

She was obviously Mira's mother, she shared her golden eyes and long brown hair.

She had two small horns on her head and her wings and tail were a light cyan blue with golden barbs

Her body was extremely curvaceous with large H cup breasts and a round perky bottom she exuded the sensual charm of an older woman.

She froze when she saw the most handsome man she'd ever seen holding her daughter while she had her signature spoon in her hand.

"Mom guess what?! I'm gonna get this guy's eyes!"