28 Busted!

It's been about forty five minutes since I started learning spells and I can say this was a rather fruitful endeavor.

Though.. the headaches accumulated with every spell I learned so at the moment my brain feels like it got a lap dance from a hippo.

I feel incredibly weary and tired like I could drop at any second.

Despite that, I look at my current stats in satisfaction.

< Exedra Draven >

Race : Demonic Dragon (Hybrid)

< Status : Exhausted

< Level : 1

< Age : 17

< Times Evolved : 0

< Health : 16,000

< Strength : 2,750

< Endurance : 2,800

< Agility : 2,800

< Mana : 3,050

< Exp 0 / 100

< Affinities: Darkness, Fire

< Skills : Infernal Flames Lvl 1, True Dragon transformation, True Demonic Transformation, Pain Resistance Lvl 1, All Weapon Mastery Lvl 1, True Demonic Dragon (LOCKED).

< Spells: Abyssal Chains, Lightning Bane, Mana Manipulation, Hate Shield, Tempest Cutter, Frozen Hell, Mist Body, Glimpse of Oblivion, Gaia's Retribution.

I'd only managed to learn nine more spells before I had to stop due to fatigue.

While I am satisfied with what I got, only one other spell managed to evolve.

< Chaos Spell : Glimpse of Oblivion.

Description : Trap the target in a mental prison where their senses, and surroundings are subject to your whims.

The otaku in me is overjoyed.

This is basically just Itachi's Tsukuyomi!

Originally, this was just a darkness affinity spell that let me paralyze an opponent for a few seconds by looking into their eyes.

While this is a huge upgrade, learning this spell almost knocked me out cold.

The mental strain from learning this spell was so intense my nose had begun to bleed at one point.

These are just intermediate level spells… thinking about what would happen if I tried to learn an advanced or master level spell I immediately shudder.

My poor brain would probably turn into pudding.

While dragon regeneration is absurdly high, I don't see myself being able to heal something like that easily.

Suddenly I sensed movement from behind me and turned to see my beautiful wife standing next to a very shy looking Lisa.

"Honey… did you read all of these?" Lailah asked in surprise.

"Yeah." I was trying my best not to show how tired I was so I put on my best and widest smile and tried to perk up.

"What happened did you get frustrated you couldn't understand any of them?" She giggled.


"Ah, no I learned them all."


"Excuse me?" Lisa who had been silent up until now cried out in shock along with my wife.

Well it's not really like I can blame them I guess it is hard to believe.

I decided to say nothing and just show them.

I held up the spell book for mana manipulation and showed it to the girls before I activated the spell.

Mana manipulation is basically telekinesis but instead of using brain power, you're manipulating the mana that exists In objects to move them without making contact.

I lifted up the table next to me using mana manipulation and both of their mouths immediately dropped.

"Did.. did you really learn all of these since you've been back here?"lightsnovel

"Yeah, gave me quite a headache though."

"Even I can't learn spells this fast… this is on par with my mother!" Lailah said in utter shock.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, after all witches and magic do go hand in hand.

Changing the topic, I asked the girls what they'd been talking about since I left.

Instantly, Lisa was pulled forward by Lailah like a bad influence best friend to stand in front of me.

I stood up to look her in the eye and she looked back down at the floor where I was sitting.

Is she that bothered by my proposal?

I only asked because I have a personal vendetta against Jeddah and I want him to be in as much anguish as possible until he dies.

While Lisa is extremely attractive, I already have two beautiful wives that I'm more than happy with so I don't want her to think I proposed this because I'm lusting after her.

"I… would like to accept your proposal."

"Oh?" I look at the women in the room and notice Lailah has a look of satisfaction as if she were a business man who successfully got through a risky deal.

Lisa on the other hand is starting to worry me.

Her pretty face is getting redder by the minute.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" I ask curiously. "This won't be a real marriage of course but you'll still technically be married to me."

"Y-yes." She seemed to notice her tone was making her declaration unconvincing so in the next second she shook her head furiously and her next words were much more composed.

"I'm certain. I wish to marry you." She then bowed slightly before continuing. "Please take care of Mira and I."

After I heard that, I couldn't stop a smile from breaking out across my face.

Even in this situation, she put her daughter before herself.

I find such a thing truly admirable and I'm liking Lisa more already.

I think that even if Lisa and I never share a marital bed, we'll still end up being fast friends.

"Of course I'll take care of the both of you." I nodded. "Naturally, since Mira will be my daughter I'll spoil her plenty."

Next came the hardest challenge I'd ever faced since I came to this world.

I'm not sure what exactly what happened, but Lisa began to look at me with this look of fervent desire and I could smell a scent emanating from her that was so… intoxicating.

I immediately became erect and my breathing was labored as I held onto the fringes of my sanity.

Even when I was naked with both of my wives in the bath earlier, I didn't feel a temptation as great as this.

I feel like I could fuck her for a month solid with nothing but a single water break separating us.

< Individual : Lisa is secreting mating pheromones, altering the hosts mental state.

< Host is now in heat.

< Would the host like to dispel this effect?

I know that I should but…

I look again at Lailah and Lisa and I'm overcome with an incredible lust.

Lailah doesn't seem to understand what's going on and is looking back and forth between us in confusion.

I want them.

I want to fuck them.

I want to see the expressions they'll makes when I cum inside of them.

I want to impregnate them.

I have to taste them.


As I was about to reach for both of the beautiful women standing in front of me, I heard a sudden jarring noise.


All three of us looked towards where the sound came from and saw little Mira standing there in an adorable bear onesie with a shocked expression on her face and her signature spoon on the floor.

I immediately dispelled the effect of the pheromones and felt my body return to normal.

Fuck she didn't see what I was about to do to her mother did she?!