29 Preparations

"I-Is it true?" She asked sheepishly.

"Ah M-Mira is what true dear?" I could tell Lisa was embarrassed and it was understandable given what her daughter had just witnessed.

"I-is the cool eye man going to be my daddy?"

As soon as we heard her question Lailah smiled while Lisa and I breathed an immense sigh of relief.

Lisa walked towards Mira and sat down in front of her.

"It's true… does that bother you?" She asked her as gently as possible.

Mira looked back and forth between the three of us before she ran up to me and hugged my leg.

"No way! I've never had a daddy before!"

As we alll smiled at this tender scene Mira looked at her mother and gave her another critical hit, "Now momma won't be lonely!"

This earned a snicker from Lailah and I and an embarrassed look from Lisa.

"Wait no!" Mira suddenly backed away from me and put on an upset expression before she folded her little arms across her chest.

"I won't accept you as my father unless you give me eyes like yours!"

"Mira! You can't just-" Lisa began

"Okay." I said simply.

"Really?!" Mira looked so excited I swear I could see sparkles in her eyes.

I gently kneeled in front of her and held out my hand. "If you accept me as your father, I promise we can do the amica ritual. So that you can have eyes like mine."

The Amica ritual is a sacred right for dragons. It allows us to share traits, abilities, and sometimes strength with someone we have deemed as a true friend and companion.

While Mira's little body is much too small and frail to handle any of my strength or abilities, I should be able to give her eyes like mine just fine.

Instead of taking my outstretched hand, Mira dove into my arms and gave me a surprisingly strong hug for a little dragon.

Mira : "Dad!"

Lailah : "Fufufu, I think that's a yes."

Lisa : "Look at those two he's spoiling her already!"

Exedra / Mira : "Get used to it!"

Lisa just put on an exhausted expression before she gave up.


Lailah and I were preparing to leave and continue our date since it was still light outside.

We were going to head back to her favorite bakery before heading to a weapons shop in preparation for the dungeon tomorrow.

Lisa and Mira would spend the time packing up and preparing to move to the castle and we'd take them with us when we were done.

As we waved goodbye to the girls I took a slightly longer glance at Lisa before we continued on our way.

When I remembered what had transpired earlier, I realized there was no way I'd be able to keep my word.

I have to make Lisa mine.

Just remembering the way she stoked my desire makes me want to carry her to a bed immediately but I put that out of my mind for now.

"So what do you think of Lisa?" Lailah asked teasingly as we walked towards the bakery.

"She's very beautiful and charming." I didn't lie.

"Hmm? More than me or Bekka?"


Since my wife was in such a teasing mood I decided to oblige her.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear "I could ravage the three of you endlessly."

Her face immediately turned red but her small smile showed that she didn't hate the idea and was getting much more comfortable.lightsnovel

As we walked along the road in silence hand in hand, I felt Lailah's aura began to change.

I looked at her only to see she had a complicated expression on her face.

Before I could ask what was wrong, she spoke first.

"Can you teach me how you learn spells so fast?"

I didn't immediately answer her, instead I wanted to know where this was coming from. "Why?"

She stopped walking and so did I.

She looked me in the eyes with a seriousness that I'd never seen before in her.

"I love that you want to protect and spoil me.." she began.

"But having to ask you to save my friend just because I wasn't powerful enough to do it myself haunts me."

"I know that you want to help me.. but I want to be strong on my own so that one day you won't have to. "

Hearing her words I couldn't do anything but smile.

"I have a unique way of learning magic that I can't teach you my dear.."

She immediately looked crestfallen and seeing that look tugged at my heart relentlessly.

"But if you want to be stronger, I believe I know exactly how to help you I just need you to trust me."

Her eyes immediately regained their light and she nodded furiously. "Of course!"

I smiled and pulled her hand towards the bakery.

This was a conversation we'd have to sit down for.


POV : Lisa

After Exedra and Lailah left, my daughter and I began packing for our migration to the castle.

I haven't told Mira exactly where we were moving, only that it was somewhere much bigger than our current upstairs loft.

I was still a bit worried about how my daughter and I would be treated inside the castle, but Exedra assured me everyone was very kind and no one would think less of us.


As I was silently folding clothes into a suitcase, I once again remembered the face of the handsome young man who so boldly proposed to me.

Everything from his presence to his charisma and powerful aura had completely drawn me in…

'Just hearing the way he was so ready to accept Mira as his own was enough to set me off like that.' I blushed furiously when I remembered my shameful behavior from earlier.

Of course I was attracted to his physical appearance and his power but just seeing the way he was with Mira… nothing could've made me want him more.

Hearing the determination and resolution in his smooth velvety voice, I was simply overwhelmed and began releasing pheromones almost instantly.

What if he thinks I'm some kind of whore?!

Although… before Mira came in I could've sworn he was going to reach for me…

' I must've been seeing what I wanted to see.' I once again shook my head furiously in an attempt to get my mind out of the gutter.

We both agreed this isn't a real marriage it's only a contractual one!

He already has two young and incredibly beautiful wives, I'm sure I'm the only one thinking so hard about this.

"That's right his other wife!" I suddenly yelled.

I'd just remembered the plan Lailah had told me about to win over lady Bekka!

"Mira! Can you come help me really quickly?"