30 A Meeting and The Secret Weapon!

General POV

"So… who is this?" Bekka's body was constantly releasing a menacing black aura as she stared at the beautiful mature woman standing in front of her.

She'd been very bored and lonely all day waiting for Exedra to return so when she heard they'd arrived home she activated her movement technique and rushed to meet them at the carriage.

Before she could dive into her husbands arms and reacquaint his lips with hers, she noticed another unfamiliar woman standing next to her friend.

This woman was naturally Lisa who was looking back and forth between Bekka and Exedra nervously.

Exedra seemed not to notice his wife's incredibly unfriendly aura and he said in a calm and friendly manner. "This is Lisa. As of today she is also my wife."

After the words left his mouth there was nothing but utter silence.

The wind ceased to blow, the crickets no longer chirped and the guards who were stationed by the castle door held their breath in shock.



Bekka's aura exploded and took the form of a pitch black wolf with three eyes.

With a crescent moon hanging above her head and her hair blowing chaotically in the wind the woman truly looked like a ferocious death goddess.

Only now did Exedra realize this might not go as smoothly as he'd hoped.

Though can you blame him? He'd only seen Bekka's cute sides before this.

Slowly Bekka turned her gaze to Lailah who'd been observing this development as if it were well within her expectations.

It wasn't like she didn't understand Bekka's anger.

If she were in her position she'd probably react the same way.

"You.. I thought we agreed to keep other women away from him." Bekka's voice was deep and menacing and contained none of her trademark cheerfulness.

Lailah sighed when she heard Bekka's accusatory tone and said nothing, instead she pushed forward a shaking Lisa who looked like she wanted to go home immediately.

Luckily, Lailah had prepared her for this.

Lisa knew exactly what to do to get this irate hellhound to listen, she just had to muster up the courage to do it.

She took a deep breath before she walked forward. "My name is Lisa and I'm a lesser dragon it's very nice to meet you and I hope you will hear me out!"

She bowed deeply as she presented Bekka with a basket and when Bekka sniffed the air her fearsome aura disappeared entirely but her scowl was still present.

Slowly she opened the basket to reveal a sub sandwich made with flame bear meat, assorted vegetables and a pepper sauce.

Seeing her favorite sandwich perfectly prepared like this caused her to falter slightly but she soon resumed her oppressive and resolute stance.

….Or at least that's what she believed.

Her tail was wagging fiercely, indicating how desperately she wanted that sandwich to the three in front of her.

"You think I'm so simple I'll hand over my husband just for a sandwich?" She growled.

Now it was Exedra's turned to act as he reached inside of the opened carriage and pulled out a young girl.

When Mira saw Bekka her eyes immediately lit up.

"She's so pretty! Is she my other new mommy?!"

"M-mommy? P-pretty?" Bekka stammered.

"Yes she is. This is my wonderful wife Bekka, would you like to say hi?" Exedra was such a natural with Mira a stranger would believe she was his blood related child.


Exedra placed Mira on the ground and she ran over to hug the leg of the still stunned hellhound woman.


"Hello mommy Bekka! Mira's name is Mira!"

Bekka's body trembled slightly upon hearing the words of the young girl.

For canine type beast kin, the women have incredibly strong maternal instincts.

They couldn't even leave abandoned animals on the side of the road without feeling guilty.

So naturally faced with the cutest young girl she had ever seen, Bekka could only react one way.

"Oh my god how can anything be this cute!" She scooped up Mira in her arms and began nuzzling her cheeks against hers.

"Hehehe, Stop it tickles!"

"Nope you're much too cute for your own good I could just eat you up!"

"Nooo you can't eat Mira!"

As Exedra, Lailah and Lisa watched this scene all three showed wide smiles on their faces.

This was just too wholesome!

After ten minutes of playing and nuzzling, Bekka finally remembered she was supposed to be mad but the jig was already up.

Knowing she couldn't possibly be mad with this adorable little girl in her arms she heaved a big sigh before she snatched the sandwich basket from Lisa's hands and sat down cross legged on the ground.

Placing Mira in her lap, she then tore off a piece of the sandwich and handed it to her new daughter.

"Thank you mommy Bekka!" Mira cried before she began eating.lightsnovel

"Kyaaa! What nice manners you have, of course you're welcome my little princess. "


Seeing that the child on her lap was eating well, Bekka began to tear into her sandwich as well though not before she looked at the trio in front of her and said in a flat tone. "Start talking."


Fifteen minutes went by and Lisa had explained just about everything to Bekka and the hellhound woman had listened to every word.

Naturally, Lisa withheld some of the darker details since her daughter was present.

At the end of the explanation, instead of Bekka Mira spoke first.

"So daddy and mommy aren't really married?"

"No honey, we aren't. Lisa responded in a slightly bitter tone that did not escape Bekka's ears.

"W-why not?" The young girl was on the verge of tears.


"Your mothers just joking my little bun don't pay her any mind." Bekka interjected.


"Yes of course my dear how could your mother say anything to hurt your sweet little feelings" Bekka's eyes gleamed with a dangerous orange light as she stared at Lisa, seemingly daring her to continue her explanation.

This sent shivers down the back of the dragoness and caused her to nod furiously in agreement.

Mira thought for a moment before she nodded in understanding. "Mommy's not funny." She puffed her cheeks out like a squirrel as she pouted.

Bekka once again giggled at the young girl's overwhelming cuteness " No she isn't my sweet little honey bee."

"Although…" Bekka looked at the basket that the delicious sandwich was brought in and the cute little girl in her lap.

"Maybe she's not all bad." She whispered.

The three grownups naturally heard her and smiled.

Lisa's smile was the biggest of all as Lailah's plan actually worked, leaving her with a weight off her shoulders and room to breathe.

While she was still worried about how everyone in the castle would react, she naturally could recognize when to enjoy the small victories.

"Oh? Who do we have here?" A new melodious voice suddenly sounded from behind the group.

Yara had silently approached the group from the castle, and with her sudden appearance Lisa immediately began to sweat.

If Exedra's aura as a demonic dragon was suffocating and fearsome, Yara's aura as a silver moon dragon was eerily cold and regal.

Lisa didn't even feel like she was worthy to breathe the same air as her.

As she stared at her majestic twin horns and serene purple eyes, Lisa couldn't help but think she embodied every aspect of the word royalty.

"Hey mom." Exedra said casually. "This is my new wife, Lisa."

Lisa noticing the spotlight was on her bowed deeply before introducing herself. " Good evening Princess Yara, I am Exedra's third wife Lisa Clearwing. It is truly an honor to make your acquaintance."

Lisa had to dig her claws into her palms to prevent herself from stuttering but the effect seems to have paid off in the end.

"Please raise your head dear, there is no neeed for such formalities when you're family. Just call me mother like the girls do."

"…As you wish mother." She slowly returned to an upright posture and her nervousness returned with it.

The most beautiful woman she'd ever seen was staring her directly in the face!

Was she bothered by the fact that she was a lesser dragon?

Contrary to Lisa's delusions, Yara hadn't been bothered at all by the fact that she was a lesser dragon and instead was focused on another fact.

'Has my son always liked older women?'

He'd never shown any signs before so Yara was slightly bewildered.

She didn't know that Exedra's love of older women came from his last life.

Several thousand hours of pornography leave you with addictions like that.

While Yara was contemplating having someone the same age as her call her mother, a little dragon was so transfixed with the beauty of the woman in front of her she subconsciously began walking towards her.

"So beautiful…" Mira cooed.

"Hm?" Yara hadn't noticed the little dragon when she was still in Bekka's motherly embrace and when she did her eyes immediately widened in surprise.

"Where did this little cutie come from?"

"Ah, sorry mother this is my daughter Mira."

"D-daughter?" It was a rare thing for Yara to lose her composure but hearing Lisa's declaration it was simply unavoidable.

'As expected… she probably wants her son to be with someone who is still pure.' Lisa had a crestfallen look on her face.

Yara looked back and forth between her son, her new daughter and the small child in front of her.

When her gaze finally settled on her son she asked the question that was burning in her heart.

"Am I a grandmother?"