Chapter 1956 - 1956: The Red Dragon (3)

Chapter 1956: The Red Dragon (3)

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Yun Feng frowned. Destroying the Fire Element Seed… The Dragons always valued their clansmen and were quite irritable, so it was natural for them to do this. However, the Fantastical Beasts couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. The disappearance of the Element Seed would definitely have extremely terrifying consequences.

“Junior, have you guessed the result?”

Yun Feng looked up at the Fire Dragon’s red eyes that were glittering with fire and connected everything. A clear line was formed in her mind. “The Fantastical Beasts wouldn’t just sit back and do nothing. They would definitely stop such a move. The Fire Element Seed was in the hands of the Dragons. The Dragons were powerful. The Fantastical Beasts could only threaten them, such as… imprisoning them.”

Yun Feng had never known why there was an ancient dragon in the Dragon Palace. In the past, every time Senior Yao Guang was in a difficult position or didn’t intend to help, a voice would come out to help. Later, Yun Feng finally saw the owner of the voice. It was undeniable that it was indeed an ancient dragon!

Now, there was a vague answer. The ancient Dragons were imprisoned by Fantastical Beasts. The Dragon Palace used to have the function of imprisoning them, and everything made sense now. As for why the Dragon Palace left the Beast Region and returned to the hands of the Dragons again, this was another mystery. Back then, her master specially left the Dragon Palace with the

Dragons and allowed the members of the Dragons to take treasures from the Dragon Palace. It was very likely that the ancient dragon imprisoned inside was one of the reasons.

“You’re right. The leader of the Fantastical Beasts imprisoned a member of the Dragons just like that. The Dragons finally stopped and agreed not to do anything to destroy the Element Seed, but the leader of the Fantastical Beasts was still suspicious. Just like that, the Fire Element Seed has been sealed here.

This is the burial ground of our race. Under the nourishment, the Fire Element Seed has also turned into a dragon form and even mixed with some dragon breath. ”

Yun Feng was shocked again! This Red Dragon could be said to be the embodiment of the Fire Element Seed. Its dragon form even carried dragon breath. No wonder it listened to the orders of the ancestors of the Dragons.

“I’ll never let the fire-element Fantastical Beast take the Fire Element Seed away!” Coldness flashed through the old voice. “You’re a descendant of the Golden Dragons, so you must be the current successor of the Dragons. It can’t be better to give the Fire Element Seed to you. You only need to mobilize the dragon breath in your body to control the Fire Element Seed. Now, I’ll eliminate my connection with it. You can try. ”

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth stiffly. She wasn’t a member of the

Dragons at all. How could she use her dragon breath to control the Fire

Element Seed? If she exposed herself at this moment, the consequences… Yunlightsnovel

Feng looked up and confronted the huge red eyes again. She twisted her wrist and the bottle containing Ao Jin’s blood appeared. Yun Feng was suddenly relieved. The owner of the voice shouldn’t be able to see anything she did. He could only sense with his aura, or she would have been exposed.

There wasn’t much golden blood left in the bottle. Yun Feng carefully poured some out and put it in her hand. If she was right, this method should work.

She pressed the golden blood fiercely with her hand and her mental strength seeped out of her body into her palm. Then, it seeped into the golden blood. The dragon breath that belonged to the Golden Dragons slowly surged out of the blood and seeped into the translucent Red Dragon!

“Swish…!” A glint of light suddenly shot out of the eyes of the Red Dragon and a strange connection was established between the Red Dragon and Yun Feng!

“Well done!” The ancestor praised in relief, but Yun Feng knew that such a

connection was only temporary. After all, she wasn’t a member of the Dragons. The dragon breath couldn’t exist forever! Yun Feng gritted her teeth secretly. What she could do right now was to never expose herself here. She had to take the Fire Element Seed away no matter what!

“With the help of the Fire Element Seed, even the fire-element Fantastical Beast won’t be able to do anything to you. You can leave now.” The old voice said. Then, an invisible force instantly knocked Yun Feng away. The moment her body rose into the sky, the fiery red dragon tail wrapped around Yun Feng’s body. Even though the fire was right in front of her, Yun Feng couldn’t feel any heat at all. The seemingly high -temperature fire brushed gently on her body, like a feather.

The Red Dragon ran all the way out with Yun Feng’s body, so fast that Yun Feng could only hear the sound of the wind whistling in her ears! It was that huge door again, but there were no longer the nine giant dragons when she came. In its place were two figures guarding there.

“You’re just a human being. You’re truly daydreaming!” When the Fire Cloud saw the Red Dragon wrapped around Yun Feng, its face immediately turned cold. Without another word, it immediately attacked. A ball of scorching fire slashed from the air with an obvious fire mark. The Red Dragon swung its long tail and the fire it threw out confronted the Fire Cloud’s fire. The two balls of fire met and caused a huge wave of fire, exploding in the air. A huge energy wave spread everywhere. With the Red Dragon’s protection, Yun Feng wasn’t injured at all. However, the Fire Cloud moved its body away in a sorry state with a hint of resentment flashing in its eyes.

Even though Ah Luo didn’t do anything on the side, the surprise in his eyes was obvious. Yun Feng was a human being. How exactly did she get the Fire Element Seed? And who was this Red Dragon? Its combat ability was comparable to that of the fire-element Fantastical Beast?

Yun Feng had no intention of fighting with the Fire Cloud again at all. She needed a lot of dragon breath to establish a connection with the Red Dragon. She had to leave this place as soon as possible, or when the dragon breath was exhausted and the Fire Element Seed was in a state of defense, she wouldn’t be able to stop the Fire Fantastical Beast from seizing it at all!

The best solution right now was to leave this place as soon as possible and meet Uncle Flirtatious!

Brutality also flashed through Yun Feng’s eyes as a thought flashed through her mind. Fire ignited in the Red Dragon’s red eyes.. Let her experience the power of the Fire Element Seed first!