Chapter 1117 Too Late

Lu Dajiang said, "I didn't expect Liu Yan's strength to be so powerful. He could hold his own against Lakon's second expert. That's impressive!"

Ning Shanshan also admitted. "This guy is indeed powerful. Back when he was our junior, his strength was far below ours. I didn't expect him to surpass us so quickly."

Liu Qingrou could not help but laugh. "Perhaps, this is the difference between ordinary people and geniuses. While many Awakened consider us geniuses, Liu Yan sees us as slightly more powerful ordinary people. There's a huge gap between geniuses and regular folks."

Wei Feng expressed some concern, "Although it looks good now, and the Captain isn't at a disadvantage, Wei Ping is still Lakon's second strongest expert. He's formidable, and we shouldn't underestimate him. Captain mustn't be careless."

Huang Yuan smiled faintly. "With the captain's personality, he won't be careless!"

Hearing Huang Yuan's words, everyone present immediately felt the same.

Along the way, not only was Liu Yan extremely powerful, but he was also exceedingly cautious and steady. In the current situation, others might be careless, but Liu Yan's character was not inclined to be careless.

Murong Xue didn't say anything. Instead, her eyes were fixed on the intense battle between Liu Yan and Wei Ping.

A battle between experts of this caliber was rare, especially now that Liu Yan and Wei Ping were evenly matched. An evenly-matched battle was undoubtedly the most exciting.

At the same time, Murong Xue learned a lot from observing the battle between Liu Yan and Wei Ping.

Allen Smith, who was not far away, was the same. His eyes were shining as he stared at the battle between Liu Yan and Wei Ping on the battlefield. He was learning the combat techniques. Any detail was worth learning and could bring him improvement!

Ye Yifan and Luo Wei's faces were filled with excitement.

They originally thought that if the second strongest expert was sent out by the Lakon Territory, Liu Yan would be in danger.

However, the result was far beyond their expectations. Liu Yan's strength was terrifyingly strong. Even when facing the second strongest expert of the Lakon, Wei Ping, he was not at a disadvantage.

The experts from Team Origin were concerned about Liu Yan, but they trusted him more than anything. They excitedly watched Liu Yan's battle, learning his combat techniques. Overall, the atmosphere was naturally more relaxed.

On the other hand, the faces of Lakon's expert team turned grim.

They had thought that sending out their territory's second strongest expert, Wei Ping, would be extremely stable and settle Liu Yan.

However, the result was far beyond their expectations. Liu Yan's strength was terrifyingly powerful, not as simple as it appeared before. Even now, Liu Yan was on par with Wei Ping and did not seem to be at a disadvantage.

"This Liu Yan has been acting in the previous two battles!"

"That's right. Looking at his previous two battles, it was extremely strenuous for him to win. I didn't expect that he was deliberately putting on an act for us to see."

"This Liu Yan is too sinister."

"The current situation doesn't seem good. Can Brother Wei Ping defeat Liu Yan?"

"It shouldn't be a problem to win. Wei Ping still has a few trump cards that he hasn't used yet. It's just that if he wants to finish off Liu Yan, it might not be possible."

"Yes, it shouldn't be a problem for Brother Wei Ping to win against Liu Yan. However, it will probably be a little difficult for him to finish off Liu Yan."

"This Liu Yan is so young, but he has such terrifying strength. His future is limitless!"

"That's right. If we let this kid return to the Origin Territory alive, he'll be a great threat to us in the future!"

The experts from Lakon were now all somewhat worried, but their concern was not whether Wei Ping could win but rather that they might not be able to eliminate Liu Yan.

Captain Lei Tianming of Lakon was currently frowning slightly. Although the previous two battles seemed extremely reasonable, Liu Yan used the strength he had displayed previously to obtain victory in both battles with great difficulty.lightsnovel

However, Lei Tianming had always felt that something was amiss. It was also because of this that Lei Tianming had wanted to personally go up and settle Liu Yan.

However, Lei Tianming couldn't quite think of what was wrong for a moment. He just felt that something was wrong.

If that was the case, it would be inappropriate for Lei Tianming to go on stage directly.

The dignified captain of Lakon had entered the arena so easily. Even if he won, it would still be a little embarrassing. Lei Tianming had only allowed Wei Ping to enter the arena because he thought that Wei Ping was already very strong and could already defeat Liu Yan.

However, the result this time was once again beyond Lei Tianming's expectations.

It was only at this moment that Lei Tianming finally realized what was wrong.

In the two previous battles, although Liu Yan had won with great difficulty and was even at a disadvantage at the beginning, he had only managed to counterattack in the end.

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On the surface, it seemed very reasonable. Liu Yan's first battle was a tactical success, and the second battle was the use of external objects.

However, in reality, there was something strange about it. At the end of the two battles, Liu Yan killed the expert of Lakon at the right time.

It was just right. If he was stronger, he would exceed the limit. If he was weaker, he wouldn't be able to kill the expert of Lakon.

Previously, Lei Tianming had not noticed this. Now that he thought about it carefully, it was indeed strange.

How could there be so many coincidences? The repeated coincidences must have been man-made and planned!

Lei Tianming finally found something wrong, but it was too late.

At this point, Wei Ping had already entered the arena and engaged in a battle with Liu Yan for more than a hundred rounds, nearing the conclusion of their confrontation.

Lei Tianming's expression darkened. If he had known earlier, he wouldn't have cared about his face. He would have directly entered the stage and decisively dealt with Liu Yan, securing a stable victory.

Now, not only was there a high possibility of letting Liu Yan go, but Lei Tianming couldn't afford to leave Liu Yan on the battlefield indefinitely.

Lei Tianming could discern that Liu Yan seemed to possess an unrevealed trump card.

As Liu Yan and Wei Ping gradually exhausted themselves, it would likely mark the true beginning of the battle.

Lei Tianming sighed slightly. Given the current circumstances, he could only hope that Wei Ping could overcome Liu Yan.

Even if Liu Yan managed to escape, Lei Tianming was resigned to it. Although it might pose hidden dangers, preserving Wei Ping's life was paramount.

In this territory battle, Lakon had already suffered the loss of two experts, a significant blow.

Losing a top-tier expert like Wei Ping would be an unbearable setback for Lei Tianming and the Lakon Territory.

The rewards for winning a territory battle were just that.

After all, there existed a considerable gap in strength between the Origin Territory and the Lakon Territory. Even if Lakon Territory emerged victorious in this territory battle, the rewards wouldn't be particularly abundant.

The rewards weren't very rich to begin with. If they lost a few more experts, the Lakon Territory would suffer heavy losses!

Lei Tianming gritted his teeth as he stared at Liu Yan. His heart was already filled with hatred towards Liu Yan, and he had firmly remembered Liu Yan.