Chapter 2469 - 2469: Twins

Chapter 2469: Twins

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Xinyue immediately went online to take a look. She was so angry that her lungs almost exploded as she read the comments. [What’s going on? Zhang Zhewen tried his best to get closer to Luo Lin, but Luo Lin turned a blind eye to him and ignored his invitation to drink. How rude of him.]

[Luo Lin is too much. His friend invited him to drink with him. He has to agree immediately, right?]

[Luo Lin doesn’t even know basic human etiquette. He doesn’t care about Zhang Zhewen’s reputation at all.]

[Zhewen, you’re really stupid. You clearly know that he doesn’t treat you as a brother, but you’re still so anxious to treat him as one. Just like Murong Guang. You clearly knew that Baili Tang only approached you for benefits and not for your brotherhood at all. Zhewen, you’re just as tragic as Murong Guang!]

[Luo Lin and Baili Tang are the same. They have no feelings for the other party.

They only have their best interests in their eyes!]

[It’s too disgusting. I shouldn’t have watched a drama like Tianhe Home. What brotherhood? In fact, only Murong Guang has the spirit of brotherhood. He’s already an emperor, yet he’s still submitting to Baili Tang. Baili Tang, you have no heart!]

[Bai Litang, get out of Tianhe Home!]

[Murong Guang, my crown prince and emperor, you should be high up in the air for the rest of your life. From now on, don’t accommodate any so-called good brothers! Little Zhe, you too!]

Xinyue really felt uncomfortable. What the hell was going on?

Baili Tang had let down Murong Guang and Luo Lin had let down Zhang Zhewen?

“What does Luo Lin owe him? What does Murong Guang owe Baili Tang?”

“Nothing. This is just the work of professional trolls.” Qiao Weiyang was also numb to these comments.

It couldn’t be said that there was something wrong with these people’s brains. It could only be said that Zhang Zhewen had spent a lot of money.

No matter what, he would always hire a group of people to scold Luo Lin.

With this, the fans’ prejudice toward Zhang Zhewen had obviously changed.

They all felt sorry for him, and his efforts. After all, he really treated the other

party as a good friend, but the other party turned a deaf ear to his good


Once they became biased, the attitudes of so many fans changed.

They really thought that Luo Lin owed Zhang Zhewen something.

Hence, everyone tried their best to compensate Zhang Zhewen. For example, they wanted to help him gain followers on Weibo, increase his reposts, and give him more traffic.

Coincidentally, Luo Lin’s beverage endorsement was out. Zhang Zhewen also received a beverage endorsement invitation.

Luo Lin’s endorsement came out first, and his fans were all happily buying the product.

The fans and trolls mocked him. [You only do things for the sake of benefits. You won’t even go for a drink with your friend. Scumbag!]

[What bullsh*t brotherhood? Don’t buy what he endorses.]

[Let’s save all our money for Zhewen. We have to make Zhewen even more popular and make those who owe him regret it in the future!]

Hence, they all went to buy the drinks that Zhang Zhewen was endorsing.

This time, Zhang Zhewen relied on these fans to fight Luo Lin to a draw. He was no longer crushed and beaten like what happened during the auction that day.lightsnovel

He also saw that it was very useful to pretend to be pitiful. He could rope in a large group of fans. It was even more useful than defaming Luo Lin.

As long as he kept these fans in suspense and pretended to be pitiful at times, they would always be biased toward him.

Indeed, he was right. Luo Lin did not respond to Zhang Zhewen anymore.

On the other hand, Zhang Zhewen would post on Weibo from time to time. [We’re brothers in this life, and I’ll miss you in the next life.]

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[Without you in this world, what’s the use of me having this empire?] Some people began to guess if Zhang Zhewen really had feelings for Luo Lin because of the show.

After all, it was possible to have a beautiful relationship between men. It went beyond brotherhood and friendship.

Such a statement was only spread in a small circle, but it had already caused many people to feel sorry for Zhang Zhewen.

This group of people had more and more opinions about Luo Lin.

Xiao Yu quickly sensed that the fans’ emotions were deviating and felt that something was wrong.

“How’s the data during this period of time?” Zhang Zhewen asked.

“The data is much better than before. Your fans are indeed biased toward you. However, because the hired fans scolded Luo Lin too much before, his fan base is quite stable.”

“So what’s up with these shippers?” Zhang Zhewen asked.

“They’re just messing around. However, their combat power is quite strong.

Without anyone to guide them, they’re willing to fight for you.”

How could Zhang Zhewen withstand such temptation? He immediately posted the words [I’ve loved you] on another social platform.

After posting it, he deleted it and made another post: [I can’t let go.] Then, he deleted that too.

It was as if he was also struggling in his heart. It was as if he had sent the wrong message and deleted it because he realized that something was wrong. It was also as if he had not thought about how to deal with his emotions.

However, how could it be so easy to erase the traces an artiste left behind on social media?

Many people had already taken screenshots.

Many fans were enlightened. It turned out that Zhang Zhewen had really fallen in love with Baili Tang before. Although they had always been brothers in the show, they had never interacted with the opposite sex in the entire show. Now that they thought about it, it was reasonable for one party to fall in love with the other, right?

So, Zhang Zhewen had yet to let go?

Was Luo Lin really heartless?

Hence, Zhang Zhewen easily achieved his goal.

More and more fans were biased toward him. More and more fans felt sorry for him. Everyone shouted at Luo Lin: [Why are you so heartless? You were clearly happy when you guys were filming! Do you want nothing but benefits now?

Can’t you even be friends?]

[You can’t even be brothers. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Some people only care about benefits.]

Xinyue was simply dumbfounded that things had come to this.

Qiao Weiyang did not expect this either.

“I only know that fans are easily bewitched, and they often gang up, but I didn’t expect them to be so gullible.” Xinyue sighed. “There are even people who believe such words.”

“Tianhe Home is currently being broadcasted. Everyone’s attention will definitely shift to the actors. Luo Lin is doing business as usual. When he’s not, he does his own things step by step. Since everyone’s emotions aren’t settled, they naturally have to find a place to vent. Zhang Zhewen took the initiative to accept the emotions of the fans and got the fake fans to guide them. Things went very smoothly for him, indeed..”