Chapter 1575 - 1575: Betting, 100 Million Divine Crystals! (3)

Chapter 1575: Betting, 100 Million Divine Crystals! (3)

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“Fellow Daoist, your cultivation level is already at the Immortal Lord Realm. If you can enter the top 10, betting on yourself might bring in a fortune.”

Daoist Su Yu encouraged from the side.

He knew that Han Muye’s background must be quite substantial; otherwise, he wouldn’t have received two hundred divine crystals from him with just one move.

However, in the past few days, he had also seen the strength of the Fuyu Immortal World. The summary of information from all sides was even more disappointing.

It was impossible for the Fuyu Immortal World to enter the top 10,000.

If he couldn’t enter the top 10,000, he wouldn’t even be able to obtain the most basic reward of 300 divine crystals.

This was also the reason why he lost his enthusiasm for the people from the Fuyu Immortal World.

Now that he had caught Han Muye, he wanted Han Muye to bet.

As deacon disciples, they could take a commission of no more than 1,000 divine crystals. If Han Muye could take a little more, he could earn some money.

“Alright, I’ll make the bet.”

Han Muye turned to look at Daoist Su Yu and said hesitantly, “You can only bet on divine crystals?”

Upon hearing his words, Daoist Su Yu, whose eyes had already lit up, laughed and waved his hand. “If it’s just betting on divine crystals, how big is this plate?”

He opened his palm and said loudly, “It’s not just divine crystals. As long as it can be converted into divine crystals, you can bet on immortal spiritual rocks, immortal treasures, spiritual materials, and pills.”

Looking at Han Muye, Daoist Su Yu said with a hint of mystery and smugness, “Don’t worry, the bets of the Grand Summit are all through a mysterious array formation. Outsiders will definitely not know how much you bet and who you bet on.’

Mysterious formation?

Han Muye instantly thought of the Heaven Switching Pavilion behind the Immortal Burial City.

As expected.

Daoist Su Yu brought him to a vast hall. Light screens appeared in front of him.

On the screen were the odds of all the Immortal Realm experts participating in the Grand Summit.

At the back, there was also the betting data on everyone.

Most people had zero bets.

Most of the bets were placed on dozens of people with monstrous cultivation and combat strength who had long been famous.

The few people with the most bets were all worth hundreds of thousands of divine crystals.

This was clearly the same trading hall as the Immortal Burial City.

However, this trading hall had become a gambling house.

“Fellow Daoist Su Yu, the first few have at least 100,000 divine crystals on them. If they die or retreat in defeat, won’t it be a waste?” Han Muye asked.

The person who set up this bet probably had to calculate the odds. For those who had advanced bets on them, they would probably do their best to suppress and plot against them.

Not to mention that the Divine Source Heavenly Palace was a Daoist sect, it was a righteous sect.

How could there be any righteousness in the cultivation world?

“Haha, Fellow Daoist is really smart.” Daoist Su Yu chuckled. He looked around and said, “You can bet on others or yourself.

“Those experts will bet everything on themselves.”

Even though he knew that the more bets he carried on his back, the more he would be plotted against, as an expert, how could he go far without the

determination to win?


Han Muye nodded, his body exuding a trace of battle intent.

“That’s right. If you don’t have the heart to win, why did you come to the Grand Summit?”lightsnovel

Was he really betting on him?

Seeing Han Muye walk into the light screen and disappear, Daoist Su Yu’s face revealed a trace of curiosity.

He encouraged Han Muye to bet on himself because the higher the bet on Han Muye, the more commission he would get.

Although the upper limit could not exceed 1,000 divine crystals, he hadn’t thought of getting 1,000 divine crystals.

To get a commission of 1,000 divine crystals, Han Muye had to have at least 100,000 divine crystals in bets.

Han Muye couldn’t possibly have such wealth, and if he wasn’t foolish, he should be placing his bets on those few strongest individuals.

To truly bet on himself would be like giving away his family fortune.

With the cultivation and combat strength of the Fuyu Immortal World and Han Muye, it was impossible for them to reach the top 1,000 or even the top 10,000, let alone the top 10.

Everything in the cultivation world depended on strength, not luck.

Although this bet was called a gamble, it had actually been carefully calculated long ago.

No one would be able to make a huge profit from this bet.

In the past, although a few people could become rich at the most prosperous gatherings, most of them had gone bankrupt.

“Who cares? In any case, if he bets more on himself, I can get a few more divine crystals.”

Muttering to himself, he looked at the screen in front of him.

Raising his hand and tapping a few times, he stared at Han Muye’s name appearing in front of him.

In just a moment, he saw a number added to Han Muye’s name.


One divine crystal.

He bet just one?

Daoist Su Yu pursed his lips.

He was still hoping to get some commission.

One Divine Crystal, how could he split it?

Daoist Su Yu was slightly stunned when he saw the divine crystal.

What Han Muye bet on was actually the first place in the Grand Summit.

Instantly, he saw an unprecedented ratio.

One to one million.

Clearly, this number was the highest for ordinary people.

In Old Daoist Su Yu’s view, even in the lower immortal realms, among the Immortal Monarchs, the possibility of winning the first place in the summit was close to zero.

The chaotic battles in the front might have some luck involved, but in the later fights, each one was genuine.

Only true powerhouses had a chance to enter the top 1,000.

Those who entered the top 100 had the strength to escape in front of an Immortal Venerable.

The top 10 already possessed the power to challenge an Immortal Venerable.

In each summit, the top three could battle an Immortal Venerable.

It wasn’t that there were no hidden powerhouses, but in the end, without sufficient foundation, victory was impossible.

Only those high-level immortal realms or hidden experts in the realm had the qualifications and strength..