Chapter 3779 - 3779: Stare Without Moving

Chapter 3779: Stare Without Moving

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“Madam Xuanyuan, there is a faint scent of blood in the surrounding area, there are also traces of blood on the weeds. I suggest that we stop and I’ll send someone ahead to investigate before we continue moving forward.” Jin Yifeng said to Feng Jiu cautiously.

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu nodded: “Fine, let’s stop here to rest!” She was also a little tired from walking anyway. The ground in the forest was uneven and there were a lot of branches and weeds. Her body in her current condition was unable to bear it after walking for a long period of time.

Upon seeing her consent, Jin Yifeng immediately ordered two mercenaries to go forward and investigate. The others were on guard in case any danger appeared suddenly.

Feng Jiu found a place to sit down and took out a spirit fruit to eat to replenish her strength. She glanced around the surroundings casually and her gaze paused when it passed a certain point.

“Master, are you hungry? Do you want to eat congee or something?” Qin Xin, who was beside her, asked.

“No, it’s fine. I’ll just have some fruit.” Having been walking this whole time, she didn’t have much appetite with being tired. Even if they had cooked something, she wouldn’t have been able to eat much.

Leng Hua and the others also saw the leopards that were lying on the grass staring at them. However, they didn’t take any action. In their opinion, as long as the leopard didn’t threaten their Master and didn’t attack them first, they wouldn’t take action to kill it.

Besides, considering their strength, it would only take a moment for them to kill a leopard.lightsnovel

“Master, if you are tired from walking, you can tell Cloud Devouring to come out and carry you!” Leng Hua looked at Feng Jiu and said to her as he saw that his Master found it difficult to even sit down with her big belly. Moreover, she had been walking with them the whole time and even though they had suggested it a few times, she still insisted on walking.

When she heard Leng Hua bringing up the matter again, Feng Jiu couldn’t help but chuckle: “Leng Hua, you are like an old woman. How many times have you said this already?” She smiled and shook her head, then she said: “Don’t worry! I know my body well. Although walking has been tiring, it isn’t doing any harm to the babies in my belly. On the contrary, because I am pregnant with twins, it will make my labour in the future smoother if I walk more.”

She leaned against the tree and exhaled softly, then said: “Although it is a bit tiring now, it will be safer when I give birth to the babies in the future. What’s more, as a person who cultivates immortality, how can I not bear such a small thing?”

While they chatted, the mercenaries didn’t have the concentration to listen to their conversation because at that moment in time, they were all tensed up and on guard as they stared at the two leopards that were lying on the grass staring at them.

The weeds in this area were a little dried out and they had a slight yellowish-red tinge to their colour. From a distance, they looked like dry weeds. But in actual fact, the roots of those weeds still contained water in their roots.

However, the colour of the weeds were similar to the leopard’s slightly golden fur, so it became an accessory for the leopards to disguise themselves. If the leopards hadn’t been exuding a powerful and ferocious aura, they wouldn’t have discovered them so quickly.

However, what puzzled them was that the two leopards were already Sacred Beasts, yet they just lay on the grass about one hundred metres away from them and didn’t make a move.

“What do you think the leopards are thinking of?” A vigilant mercenary asked the person next to him in a low voice, his heart filled with uncertainty.

The mercenary next to him turned back and glanced at Feng Jiu and the others who were chatting and laughing, then he said: ” Who cares what they’re thinking about, just keep watch. If they make any move, it is most important to protect Madam Xuanyuan first..”