Chapter 2593 - 2593: Spirit Mage

Chapter 2593: Spirit Mage

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“Hurry up and leave. That light beam seems to be expanding. Don’t let it affect you.”

Qin Yu said in a deep voice.

The light beam seemed to be centered around the village and slowly expanded.

This method of erasing did not seem to be used to eliminate outsiders like them but to reconstruct the living beings here.

Otherwise, they would not have been able to resist the power when the light beam first descended.

“This kind of power cannot be used against outsiders. Otherwise, even the Lord of a Saint Kingdom walking within his own Saint Kingdom will be wiped out at any time.

Immortal Emperor Yao seemed to have guessed what Qin Yu was thinking and explained.

“The land of the Saint Kingdom is constructed from various scenes. To strengthen his control over this heaven and earth, the Lord of the Saint Kingdom will train in these scenes he has constructed. The order he has established is something that even the Holy Lord cannot resist. It’s a power that surpasses his true body. Therefore, these scenes will have a ‘life gate’ and will not lead to absolute death.”

After Immortal Emperor Yao’s explanation, Qin Yu had a basic understanding of how the Saint Kingdom operated.

However, he stared at the village with a complicated expression, thinking of the little boy and the old man.

He said secretly that he missed his younger sister very much, but as he was worried that his grandfather would be sad, he dared not cry.

He could not treat him as an emotionless tool. Immortal Emperor Yao had given him a suggestion previously.

He could convert all the living beings born here into his soul’s Saint power.

As the first person to come to this village, this was his reward. Flame Demon, Dark Heart, and Faint Radiance did the same thing. Subsequently, Ji Tianming also did the same as they needed to increase their strength in the shortest time possible.

However, Qin Yu could not treat the little boy and the old man as tools to increase his strength.

“It’s a pity about Land of Disorder’s seed. Perhaps you don’t know how precious that thing is if it’s used well.”

Immortal Emperor Yao laughed softly. “Subsequently, your life might not be easy after this as your strength has caused this region to reconstruct quickly. This Saint Kingdom has already judged your strength.”

Qin Yu frowned slightly, not understanding what Immortal Emperor Yao had said.

He and the other four people from the three sects continued to flee in a specific direction.

The power of the seed’s eye of true vision started to weaken. At this moment, it was only about half of its previous distance, around 500 meters. It was estimated that in another day or so, this eye would completely disappear.

The Eye of Destruction, Shimoji, and Zi Yang stood in the Saint’s world, staring at Chen Shuang’s kingdom, and no one knew what they were thinking.

Nearby, almost all the human race Saints gathered there.

They carefully sensed the changes in this Saint Kingdom as if they had obtained some information from it.

“Chen Shuang thought so highly of this kid and even gave him the Heart of Saint in advance. No wonder it was so difficult for me to fight him. However, in this divine kingdom, it’s not that the stronger you are, the better.”

Zi Yang shook his head.

At this moment, Revered Qi’s expression was a little ugly as he had already sensed that his seed had shattered. It was not a good thing, regardless of the situation.

At this moment, the group of people in the eternal night forest started to notice something was wrong.

Terrifying gales began to appear in the surroundings. This kind of wind seemed to be the ultimate manifestation of spatial turbulence.

Even Yan Ruoxue, who had comprehended the power of space, had to be tremendously vigilant against such gales.lightsnovel

However, these gales did not harm them.

Instead, it formed a passage that seemed to be specially designed to lead them to a specific place.

“Brother Qin Yu, look over there. It seems to be a small city.”

From afar, the ancient small town appeared dark and weathered as if concealinq endless secrets and sorrows. It was located in a desolate vallev, shrouded in thick fog, like an entrance to a dark world.


The city walls of the small town stood tall and were made of black stones. The walls were covered with cracks and moss as if they were the marks of time and grief. The defense towers on the city walls were already in ruins, and the flags on the spire had faded. When the wind blew past, it made a desolate whistling sound.

At this moment, they could faintly sense the sound of killing.

A tremendous sense of unease suddenly surged.

Under the effect of the seed of true vision, Qin Yu could sense those attacking the city were many demonic beasts with soaring demonic qi.

The demonic qi emitted from them was completely incomparable to the Confused Consciousness he had encountered previously.

Moreover, Qin Yu could clearly see that some of these demonic beasts were actually communicating with each other.

Previously, the village chief had told him that there were four levels of natives here, the Confused Consciousness, the Human Consciousness, the Dao Consciousness, and the Holy Consciousness. Could it be that these demonic beasts were already at the level of Human Consciousness?

Suddenly, a monster carriage carried by nearly a hundred monster beasts slowly appeared. A nearly transparent spirit was floating on top of the carriage.

“What’s this thing?” Qin Yu quietly groped his way closer, wanting to see what exactly this fellow’s background was.

The spirit suddenly raised its head and revealed a cunning smile.

Under the gaze of the eye of true vision, he happened to meet Qin Yu’s eyes.

The pair of eyes of this spirit was as deep as the night as if they led to an endless abyss of darkness. They had lost the radiance of life and were replaced by a cold, shallow light as if they were the gaze of death itself.

A feeling of his soul being torn apart suddenly spread into Qin Yu’s sea of consciousness.

He suddenly retracted his gaze, and in an instant, he felt the world spin, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood involuntarily.

What followed was an extremely unbearable feeling. It took Qin Yu a long time to calm down.

“Brother Qin Yu, there’s a hole in your forehead. Did the gale hit you?”

Shen Qian said nervously. Black smoke was coming out of Qin Yu’s forehead, which looked very strange.

“What a terrifying strength. Is this a f*cking technique from this Saint Kingdom?”

Qin Yu’s back broke out in cold sweat. His soul would have been completely pierced through if he had withdrawn his gaze slightly later.

Moreover, under Qin Yu’s gaze, he only felt that the cold power had been burning his soul and had not completely dissipated.

If it was in the lower realm, it might be an extremely common thing.

However, at this moment, in the Saint Kingdom, even Qin Yu’s Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze could not detect any traces of rules. The appearance of this technique was extremely terrifying.

He probably would find it unbearable if he had not killed so many demonic beasts before and benefited from Hua Qianjie.

Qin Yu was silent for a moment before he told the people what had just happened.

He suddenly walked in another direction, and the others quickly followed him without hesitation.

Qin Yu was the most formidable person among them now. Even he dared not go forward, let alone these few people..