Chapter 1812 - 1812: The Perfectly Guileless Alchemist Lu

Chapter 1812: The Perfectly Guileless Alchemist Lu

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Seeing that Feng Zhijiang was still angry, Li Sheng secretly nudged Tang Yiran and gave her a look.

Receiving Li Sheng’s hint, Tang Yiran stood up unhurriedly and tugged at Feng Zhijiang’s sleeve. She said gently, “Senior Brother Feng, the competition is important. Xu Xiu is just a dispensable person. Why are you angry about him? If Senior Brother Feng really can’t take it anymore, wouldn’t it be more satisfying to defeat him in the competition?”

Looking at Tang Yiran’s gentle face, the anger in Feng Zhijiang’s heart subsided a little.

“Just you wait. During the competition, I’ll definitely make you wish you were dead!”

After saying that, Feng Zhijiang left with his men in an imposing manner. “Does Fellow Student Xu have a huge grudge against them?”

After Feng Zhijiang and the others disappeared without a trace, Lu Zijia turned her head and asked Nie Wu.

Nie Wu put away the spiritual sword and nodded. “Fellow Taoist Nie is originally from the Jingang Empire and was also a student of the Jingang Academv. in the Martial Arts Denartment- Perham because Fellow Taoist Xu

was in the limelight too much, many people were envious. Not only did they isolate Fellow Taoist Xu, but they even set him up to be expelled from Jingang Academy. After Fellow Taoist Xu was expelled from Jingang Academy, the leader of the Feng family, Feng Zhijiang, didn’t let him go. Instead, he pressed on step by step and even killed Fellow Taoist Xu’s parents. If Fellow Taoist Xu’s aunt hadn’t appeared in time and taken the two brothers away, they would probably have died two years ago.”

After hearing what Nie Wu said, Lu Zijia couldn’t help frowning. “So, Feng Zhijiang is also Fellow Student Xu’s enemy who killed his parents?” Nie Wu nodded. “Yes.”

“How did Senior Brother Nie know?” Lu Zijia suddenly thought of this and couldn’t help asking.

With Xu Xiu’s silent personality, it was impossible for him to take the initiative to tell Nie Wu this.

So, there was only…

“Junior Brother Xu Qi told me. He even asked me to watch over his brother.” Nie Wu touched his nose awkwardly and sold Xu Qi out without hesitation.

Lu Zijia looked enlightened and thought to herself, Its indeed Xu Qi!

Xu Qi must have expected that his brother would meet Feng Zhijiang and the others in this competition.lightsnovel

Lu Zijia thought for a moment and asked, “Are there any casualties in the Four

Continents Competition?”

Nie Wu was shocked, but he still asked with some uncertainty, “Junior Sister

Lu, are you thinking of…’

“Think? Think about what? I’m not thinking about anything.”

Lu Zijia gave a perfectly guileless look, looking extremely harmless.

Nie Wu: ” …” Junior Sister Lu was like a predator pretending to be a prey. It seemed that Feng Zhijiang was going to be in deep trouble!

Nie Wu pitied Feng Zhijiang in his mind, but apart from sympathy, he was also looking forward to what would happen to Feng Zhijiang.

Ahem, alright, to put it simply, he was gloating.

After returning to the courtyard where they lived, Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan went to Xu Xiu’s room. When they came out, Lu Zijia smiled so innocently!

And Nie Wu, who had been waiting at the door, couldn’t help but shiver fiercely when he saw her pure smile, feeling a chill run down his spine.

Because of the difference on the first day, Lu Zijia and the others didn’t go out again after that, but fought for time in their rooms to consolidate their strength.

Soon, the competition of the four continents arrived as scheduled.

“You don’t have to be too nervous. It’s a good thing if you can win the spot. If not, protecting your lives is more important.”

Before going to the arena, Du He comforted Lu Zijia and the others..