Chapter 1808 1808: Targeting Her

"Little Sis, what do you mean by that?" Tang Jin Wei asked.

"You mean the man was paid to ruin your reputation?" Tang Han Lee caught the meaning behind Yu Qi's question.

"Hmm... I don't think it is a coincidence." Yu Qi nodded.

"What happened?" Tang Qin Hao asked.

"Two days ago, we caught someone who planned to explode the shopping mall. After interrogation, we found out that he was targeting my stores. To cover their motive, they placed a lot of explosives around the shopping mall. Luckily, we noticed it earlier. Otherwise, the consequences might be severe." Yu Qi explained. "Why is someone targeting you?" Tang Han Lee asked.

"We still don't know why." Yu Qi sighed.

"So, this man..." Tang Han Lee narrowed his eyes while looking at Sum Ting Wong.

"This man is probably being paid by someone to defame me." Yu Qi nodded.

Sum Ting Wong thought he should confess now to escape being sued by them.

"Yes, someone approached me to ruin your reputation. So, can you forgive me? Please let me go." Sum Ting Wong begged for mercy.

"Then, tell me who is the person who paid you to ruin my reputation." Yu Qi said.

"But I don't know him. He came when I was eating at a food stall. He told me that I could get money by telling everyone that you slept with me. He paid me 10,000 yuan for that. He also said that I could get some money from you as well. I just need to demand it from you." Sum Ting Wong stated.

"Where?" Yu Qi asked.

"Huh? Where what?" Sum Ting Wong was confused by the question. "The food stall where you met that man?" Yu Qi asked again.

"At Wanghu Street." Sum Ting Wong stated.

Yu Qi quickly took out her phone and called someone. As soon as she heard the other side answer the call, she requested for help.

"Neko-chan, can you check if there is any surveillance camera around Wanghu Street?" Yu Qi said.

"Okay... Can I open the computer and projector in front of you?" Neko-chan asked.

"Sure." Yu Qi nodded.

Then, the computer and projector are automatically turned on. Others were surprised when that happened.

"What? how did they turn on by themselves?" Tang Jin Wei asked.

He was kind of scared by ghosts. "Don't be scared." Yu Qi said to Tang Jin Wei. She then continued talking to Neko-chan. "Show us the Wanghu Street."

"Haii!!!" Neko-chan said.

The projector started to project the picture of Wanghu Street. "Hey, where is the food stall that you told earlier?" Yu Qi asked Sum Ting Wong.

"It is at the right corner." Sum Ting Wong stated.lightsnovel

Neko-chan moved the image as Sum Ting Wong said. "Yeah. It is around this area." Sum Ting Wong said.

"Why can't I see the stall?" Tang Jin Wei asked. "Are you lying to us?" "No... No... No... I am not lying to you. It is true that the stall was there, but the owner only opens his stall during nighttime." Sum Ting Wong tried to protect his face when Tang Jin Wei wanted to hit him.

"How is it, Neko-chan? Did you find any surveillance camera over there?" Yu Qi asked.

"I am sorry, Master. That place doesn't have any surveillance cameras in that area. It is basically a hidden spot." Neko-chan stated.

"Okay. Good work. Turn off the computer and projector back." Yu Qi said.

"Sure... Sure..." Neko-chan nodded.

The call ended there. Yu Qi sighed. So, they lost a clue there. She clicked her tongue feeling annoyed.

"Little Sis, is that your friend just now?" Tang Jin Wei asked.

"Hmmm... Kind of." Yu Qi nodded. Well, Neko-chan was her creation to be exact. "He must be a genius doing something like that." Tang Jin Wei's eyes were very shining when talking about Neko-chan.

"Hmm... She is good at this line of work." Yu Qi said.

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"She? That person is a woman?" Tang Jin Wei was surprised.

"Well... Technically." Yu Qi nodded.

Neko-chan preferred her gender as a female cat. So, it was a woman. "Enough with that." Yu Qi stopped that matter. She turned back to Sun Ting Wong. "How did he pay you? By card or transfer?"

"Well, it is by cash." Sum Ting Wong stated.

"He is indeed clever." Yu Qi gritted her teeth.

If that person paid Sum Ting Wong by online banking, she was sure that she could find out the payer. She could not find that person's trace. "We cannot find anything more from this man." Yu Qi said.

Sum Ting Wong thought that he would be released after this. So, he started to thank Yu Qi and the Tang brothers.

"Yeah. I have told you everything. Now, can I go?" Sum Ting Wong grinned.

"Who told you that I am going to let you go just like that?" Yu Qi snorted. "We will be going to sue as we said earlier." "Yes. That's right." Tang Jin Wei said.

"We will not let someone think that they can say anything about our family member and be free like nothing happened." Tang Han Lee added.

"You have to face some consequences for your actions and speech." Tang Qin Hao said.

"But you said earlier you would let me go if I told the truth." Sum Ting Wong uttered.

"We never said something like that, right?" Tang Jin Wei looked at his siblings.