Chapter 3229 - 3229: Entangled

Chapter 3229: Entangled

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“Don’t talk nonsense. There are old trees and roots down there. The bushes are as thick as a child’s arm. Even if you had fallen down, you’d be blocked. You wouldn’t be able to fall down the mountain completely.” Recruit No. 3 was relieved to see that apart from his comrade’s pale face, there were no major problems.

“Lie down and rest for a while. Wait for the rescue team to arrive before getting


“The competition isn’t over yet. There’s no need to save me. I’m fine. I just got a fright.” The recruit from Car No. 2 remembered the competition and immediately asked, “How’s the situation now? Is the front blocked?”

“When you flipped over, the two of us quickly jumped out of our cars. We don’t know what’s going on in front. Leave the competition to us. You’re already in this state, so why are you still thinking about the competition? Although you’re not bleeding, it’s better to go for a check-up.” Recruit No. 1 was bending his comrade’s legs. “Does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt. I’m really not injured.” The recruit from Car No. 2, who had caught his breath, stopped lying down. He supported his body with one hand and got up. He knew his body condition best. “I’m really fine. Let’s go. I’ll take your car. We’ll definitely be able to defeat the captain today.”

The recruit from Car No. 3 saw that his comrade’s face was gradually recovering. His limbs and neck were also fine. He knew that he wasn’t injured badly. He patted his comrade who still wanted to go for the competition and glanced at the other. “This isn’t a competition to begin with. There’s no need to carry on. No. 1, help him take a few steps. I’ll tell the other comrades that they don’t have to block the target vehicle anymore.”

Recruit No. 1 couldn’t take it anymore. He gritted his teeth and said, “We have to compete. Damn it, look at the deep pits. He did this! I was wondering why he stopped on the spot for so long. As it turns out, he had already started playing tricks on us from then!

“If he has the ability, then come openly. Why play dirty?”

Hearing this, the recruit from Car No. 2, which was overturned, stopped sitting down and calmed down. He stood up and rushed to the side of the overturned car to check.lightsnovel

As expected!

The four deep pits were all made by the wheels of the car. Due to his speed and the fact that he was going uphill, he didn’t notice the deep pits. The front wheels were the first to sink in, and the inertia caused the car to roll forward.

“I was wondering why the car was flipped even though I was going up the slope. It turns out that I was tricked! No, this competition can’t end like this. I was tricked until the car overturned. Does he really want to report casualties?”

“Forget about the inhumane training in the past. This is murder!”

The angry recruit from Car No. 2 spoke without thinking.

The recruit from Car No. 3 was much more mature. He shouted, “Shut up!

These are all dangerous situations. What nonsense are you talking about? There are many dangers on the entire mountain path. There are even bigger dangers than this. Why don’t you say that you’re inferior and don’t know how to adapt instead?”

After being reprimanded, the recruit knew that he had gone overboard. However, he couldn’t swallow his anger. He gritted his teeth until the muscles on his cheeks were faintly visible.

Thinking about the various dangerous obstacles on the mountain road and the various special training on the training ground, Recruit No. 1 fell silent.

His comrade was right. It one was interior, who could one blame tor not adapting in advance?

Seeing that his two comrades had fallen silent, the more mature recruit from Car No. 3 said, “I have to tell you bad news. The captain we want to defeat is sitting in the middle of the surveillance room and watching us compete. In other words, the person we’re competing with isn’t the captain at all, nor is it the instructor or the deputy instructor..”