Chapter 397 - 397: Hate Lying

Chapter 397: Hate Lying

Translator: Lonelytree

“Sir, our Green Devil Tribe has more than ten million people.

‘ But with the disappearance of the Great Lord, 90% of our Green Devil Tribe was taken away.

“Currently, there are less than ten million left.”

The Green Devil lowered his head and revealed all the information he knew.

After the Great Lord led the Green Devils to disappear, their status had been declining day by day.

“Less than ten million?” Hearing this number, An Kai was a little unhappy.

What use would tens of millions of Green Devils have to him?

Even if he killed them all, it would only be ten million Green Devil cores.

And this was when all the Green Devils were adults.

Seeing An Kai’s displeasure, the Green Devils did not know what the problem was. He could only brace himself and continue to explain the fertility rate of the Green Devils.

The Green Devils and Goblins belonged to the same race.

The Green Devils were a branch of the goblin race that had split up during the reproduction process.

They had abandoned their strong reproductive characteristics and chose to strengthen their bodies.

While the Green Devils were strengthening themselves, due to the lack of resources, they learned to ‘break through the boundary’.

To put it simply, it was to break open the passageway between worlds.

Time passed. Thousands of years of development.

The Green Devils had already mastered the methods of locating the other abyss, opening the abyss Passage, plundering the abyss, and occupying the abyss.

It was many times stronger than the goblin tribe that hid in the Hundred Thousand Mountains and did not want to come into contact with the outside world.

In addition, the Green Devils also explained that although they had a low fertility rate, if they were put with goblins, their fertility rate would increase explosively.

It was a pity that although it had improved, it was not a 100% success rate in breeding Green Devils.

Instead, they were evenly matched with the goblins.

However, this method could not be used often.

After thousands of years of development, the Green Devils had become ‘ strengthened goblins “. Reuniting with goblins would only lower their overall potential.

It was the same for goblins. Combining with the Green Devils would deplete the goblin tribe’s potential.

After all, the Green Devils’ talents had evolved over thousands of years. It was not easy for the goblins to adapt.

If he couldn’t adapt, he could only waste his potential.

It would affect the next generation.

With such a combination method, the Green Devils would choose to combine with the goblins to replenish the population of their own race when their numbers were highly reduced.

The Green Devil standing in front of An Kai was still introducing the characteristics of the Green Devil in detail.

He didn’t realize that when he said,” The combination of Green Devils and Goblins will greatly increase the reproduction rate of both parties “, An Kai’s eyes lit up.

In An Kai’s eyes, the Green Devils were no longer a useless race.

Instead, it was a race of treasures.

With this characteristic, his goblin group could speed up the breeding process!lightsnovel


Most importantly, when the Green Devils and Goblins combined, the growth period of both parties would be greatly reduced!

Lower it to within a year!

An Kai smiled. He seemed to see countless goblin cores surging towards him.

“Wayne, come quickly!”

In the Home of Kindness, Wayne, who was studying how to reduce the growth cycle of goblins and Orcs, suddenly heard An Kai’s call.

He hurriedly put down what he was doing and sped towards An Kai.

20 minutes later.

At the entrance of the Home of Kindness, Wayne saw An Kai.

He also saw the important race that the Orc Emperor and An Kai mentioned, the Green Devils, that could solve the growth cycle of the goblins and Orcs!

‘ Bring some people to recruit the tens of millions of Green Devils. Then, study why their mating with goblins increases the reproduction rate and reduces the growth cycle!

‘ Put down everything you’re doing. This is the most important thing for our

Home of Kindness!”

On the way here, Wayne had already heard from An Kai about the characteristics of the Green Devil Race.

Not only An Kai but even Wayne thought that this was the most important thing for the Home of Kindness!

If he could solve the problem of the growth cycle, the benefits to the Home of Kindness would be countless.

Not only was it an increase in labour, but it was also a rapid collection of resources!

After giving his instructions, An Kai left.

Not long after, a Stage 9 Mage, Brian William, arrived with a group of Stage 9. Then, he walked towards the Green Devil’s encampment with the Green Devil and Wayne.

They were here to trick the Green Devil Tribe into moving. As long as they entered the Hundred Thousand Mountains controlled by the Home of Kindness, they would be marked by the [Beast Taming] whip.

From then on, they became a family.

Wayne could also calm down and study the Green Devils and Goblins.

If his initial idea was successful, such as extracting the lifespan of the growth cycle and making it into an item that increased lifespan, it could also allow the goblins and orcs to reach the growth period quickly.

For the entire Home of Kindness, it was a great merit!

As for the so-called Goblin’s life and Orc’s life, were they not lives?

Wayne didn’t care at all.

After being influenced by An Kai for so long, it was not an exaggeration to call him “Little An Kai”.

Orcs and Goblins?

As long as they could contribute to the development of the Home of Kindness, they had contributed their worth.

If not?


[Fire Domain] or [Ice Domain], choose one! Wayne and Brian William left in a hurry.

An Kai also turned around and left.

He returned to the mage tower and continued to enjoy the feedback provided by the mages..