Chapter 1431 - 1431: Moving Trajectory

Chapter 1431: Moving Trajectory

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Xue Fanxin was still not clear about the entire situation, so she did not kill them for a long time. Instead, she dealt with the Gu siblings and the monkey-faced man and used their battle intent to observe the activated pattern carefully, dividing most of her attention to study it.

On the complicated patterns on the stone pillars, a golden light the length of a pinky finger was slowly moving. It slid along the scribbles little by little, as if it was writing something.

In the beginning, Xue Fanxin did not understand. Furthermore, the golden light line moved without any pattern. It did not move according to the complete drawing of the scribble, but it took nine swerves and eighteen turns. When it reached a certain position, it returned to the starting point and continued to move, constantly drawing along a certain trajectory.

In order to figure out the pattern drawn by the golden light, Xue Fanxin used the time law to make the Gu siblings and the monkey-faced man temporarily stop moving. Then, she took out a pen and paper and drew on the paper along the trajectory of the golden light.

Fortunately, the golden light was not affected by the time law. When time was still, it was still moving normally.

In less than fifteen minutes, Xue Fanxin had already drawn the trajectory of the golden light. However, the pattern she drew was completely different from the corresponding pattern on the stone pillar. It seemed to be more complicated, but it also seemed to be simple, like some ancient and mysterious rune.

“What on earth is this?” Xue Fanxin was only concerned about studying the pattern drawn on the blueprint and momentarily forgot about the time law. When the time law disappeared, the Gu siblings and the monkey-faced man continued to attack her.

“Bitch, give me your life.”

Xue Fanxin held the blueprint in one hand and counterattacked with the other. With a casual move of her finger, a few huge vines emerged from the ground and entangled the monkey-faced man and the Gu siblings.

“Damn it, why are these vines so tenacious?” The monkey-faced man used the sharp blade in his hand to constantly slash at the vines on his body, but he

could not cut them off after slashing for more than ten times.

Gu Qingfeng and Gu Qingyin were the same. They could not break free from the vines on their bodies at all. At this moment, they realized how powerful their opponents were.lightsnovel

Xue Fanxin was not in the mood to care about those unimportant people now. She looked at the blueprint in her hand and then at the pattern on the stone pillar. She realized that the golden light on the stone pillar had already disappeared, and everything had returned to its original state.

In order to activate the pattern on the stone pillar again, she could only release the Gu siblings and the monkey-faced man and let them continue fighting.

“Bitch, I’m going to tear you apart.” The moment the monkey-faced man regained his freedom, he rushed towards Xue Fanxin fiercely.

Gu Qingfeng originally wanted to help, but he was pulled back by his sister. “Qingfeng, let’s not interfere in this anymore.”

“Sister, at this point, do you think we still have a way out? No matter what background this Xue Fanxin has, no matter how strong she is, we’ve already taken it. If we stop now, it’ll be all for nothing in the end.” Gu Qingfeng was extremely unwilling to stop. Apart from wanting to be related to the Nine

Nether Holy Land, more importantly, he wanted to teach that brat called Xue Fanxin a lesson.

He, the dignified Young Master of the Gu family, could not even deal with a little girl. If word got out, wouldn’t he become a joke?

Hence, no matter what, he had to kill Xue Fanxin today.

“That Xue Fanxin is very powerful. Even now, she hasn’t used her full strength. If we continue fighting, the ones who will suffer will be us,” Gu Qingyin advised with all her might.

However, Gu Qingfeng did not listen. “I don’t care. I must teach that brat a