Chapter 2221 - 2221-Long Conspiracy

Chapter 2221: Chapter 2221-Long Conspiracy

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“Yes.” Qi Xibei nodded.

Her admission made Wen Luochun’s expression turn even uglier.

This also explained his guess!

The poison in the Wen-Gu group was related to the poison in him!

But the scary thing was that Wen Guqun had been poisoned ten years ago.

In other words, at that time, someone wanted to stab the Wen family in the back.

He just didn’t know why that person attacked Wen Guqun. He was clearly just a child!


Wen Luochun’s expression changed instantly.” Is the poison that I’m poisoned with related to him?”

Qi Xibei raised his eyebrows. He did not expect him to be so sharp.

However, that was right. As a general who always won, if he did not have a

sharp intuition, how could he win, let alone climb to such a high position?


Qi Xibei nodded.” You were poisoned because of your contact with him.” As soon as he said this, everyone’s expression changed.

Especially Wen Juncheng, who seemed to have been struck by lightning.

His father was poisoned because of his son?!

When he thought of the connection, his expression immediately turned ugly.

Wen Guqun did not leave. When he heard this, he stood up in shock.

“Grandpa was poisoned because of me?!”

“That’s a little of the reason.” Qi Xibei nodded and did not continue to keep him in suspense.”General Wen was poisoned because he had been in contact with you for a long time and his resistance to poison had weakened. That was why he was poisoned. Otherwise, with General Wen’s strength, he wouldn’t have been poisoned so easily.”

As a Level Six Martial Arts Grandmaster, General Wen’s strength was naturally not that weak. His body was even stronger.

With such a strong body, it was naturally not easy to be poisoned.

However, he was still poisoned, and it was quite troublesome.

And this was because of Wen Guqun.

These words shocked everyone. Then, everyone became angry.lightsnovel

“In other words, someone started plotting this ten years ago and then attacked father?”

Wen Juncheng gritted his teeth.

They were not fools.

Qi Xibei had explained it so clearly that they understood.

Ten years ago, Wen Guqun was poisoned.

Although Wen Guqun did not have much contact with the old master, after so many years, they had been in contact with each other.

In the process of contact, the old man was infected by the poison of the group.

Slowly, the old man’s resistance to the poison weakened a lot.

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And half a year ago, the old man was easily poisoned.

The person behind the scenes had actually started to attack the Wen family so many years ago!

Thinking about the meaning behind this, everyone shuddered.

This was too terrifying!

The Wen family had many enemies, but they had always met on the battlefield.

However, he did not expect that someone would actually use such a vicious method!

His thoughts were too vicious!

Wen Luochun also fell silent, his face gloomy.

He did not expect that someone would play such a trick behind his back! In order to destroy the Wen family, he actually started with a child!


Wen Guqun looked like he wanted to cry.” I’m sorry, it’s all my fault!”

“Don’t say that.”

Wen Luochun shook his head.” This is none of your business. You’re just a child. What can you do? The one who really went overboard was the mastermind!”

At this point, his eyes turned cold.

At this moment, his War God aura, which was revered by everyone, instantly erupted.

“Right now, we have to first remove the poison in your body.”Qi Xibei interrupted Wen Luochun’s anger.

“Alright, then I’ll have to trouble you, Master Maverick. “Wen Luochun said respectfully..