Chapter 1589 - 1589: Predicting Loneliness (2)

Chapter 1589: Predicting Loneliness (2)

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“When I’m strong enough, I’ll take revenge this time and kill the Four Saints in the form of an official duel. I’ll make the decision myself and the Four Saints. This can minimize our losses.’

Although Shi Yu also wanted to solve all the trouble immediately, he knew that if he started a war with the Four Holy Family, it wouldn’t be a one-sided battle. At that time, there would definitely be casualties on Blue Planet. If it was because of him and involved innocent people, Shi Yu was unwilling to see it happen.

“How long do you think it will take you to have the ability to defeat them?” Emperor Shi looked at Shi Yu.

Shi Yu said, “10 years, within 10 years.”

“Alright.” Emperor Shi said, “Then I’ll leave the Four Holy Family to you to settle.’

Seeing that Shi Yu was so determined and not only living under protection, Emperor Shi admired him even more. Only such a junior genius was worth protecting.

“10 years?” Upon hearing Shi Yu and Emperor Shi’s conversation, the five super divines had bitter expressions. They only felt that it was ridiculous. What a joke… Among the Four Saints, which one of them wasn’t an old monster who had lived for hundreds of millions of years?

He wanted to hunt the four of them in 10 years?

“Hahaha, interesting. The Four Saints are so strong in super divine. The drop rate must be higher.” Lin Feng laughed at the side. The Space Emperor was meditating in other rooms. It was a pity that he didn’t hear such an interesting conversation.

“Well… Only you guys dare to think about it,” the Prediction Owl muttered.

Before she was born, those four old guys were already experts who dominated the World King Planet. Shi Yu had to work hard.

“Speaking of which, after traveling for so long, didn’t you predict where the third wish star inheritance is?” The gem cat paid attention to the outside world at all times and was not interested in fighting and killing. In any case, sometimes, when the emperor was around, she knew that no matter how unrestrained Shi Yu was, there were at least people who could back him up.

“How can it be that easy to find? We’ve only walked the tip of the iceberg in the Cosmic Sea. Moreover, who knows if the Star Prayer Race threw the inheritance further away…”

“Unfortunately, when I was in the era ruin, I didn’t mainly cultivate the power of premonition. Otherwise, I could assist in premonition,” Emperor Shi said.

Another thing was that he didn’t really believe in the power of premonition… “Hehe, it’s alright. Our Astrologer Race is good at this! Leave it to us!”

“By the way, is the matter of the Four Holy Family spending money to assassinate you temporarily not publicized?” the owl asked Shi Yu.

“Well, this… Forget it, I’ll save it first…” Shi Yu chuckled and said, “As long as we don’t announce it first, no one will know who tried to assassinate me, and who hired the assassin. At that time, apart from the Four Holy Family, we can also label whoever we don’t like and attack them legitimately.”

“The one who sent the Assassin Planet to assassinate me can be the Four Holy Family, or it can be another faction joining forces with the Four Holy Family. After announcing it all at once, it won’t be very useful anymore…”

“At the same time, I can also pretend to have obtained the transaction directory of the Assassin Planet. Didn’t many geniuses of super divine factions get assassinated by the Assassin Planet? It feels even easier to splash dirty water now…”

Was he still human?

The two cats looked at Shi Yu in a daze. This guy was really f*cking immoral. He wanted to use the Assassin Planet to slander others??

Before long, Shi Yu and the others returned to World King Planet.

In the Floating Realm, a huge battleship descended in the sky above Sky City.lightsnovel

Countless Beast Tamers appeared with excited expressions.

Through Shi Yu’s explanation of Blue Planet’s history and Dong Huangs history, these Beast Tamers knew for the first time that their realm lord was so impressive and awesome.

Through this battle, they also knew for the first time that their mother planet was so powerful.

This battle could be said to have increased the pride of the Beast Tamers of Wang Kong and Lin Fengs direct bloodline.

Although only Shi Yu, the super divines of the five divine races, and Emperor Shi appeared in this battle and no Space Emperor or Lin Feng appeared, it didn’t stop them from being excited too. They were all family.

At this moment, before the battleship landed, a super divine might swept across the entire Floating Realm. The powerful spatial fluctuations were shocking. As a source of transcendence that was like a sun rose in the sky, a figure was the first to come out of the battleship. His aura was transcendent and peerless.

“The realm lord???” Seeing his figure, many people were stunned. The realm lord of Wang Kong… also went to Assassin Planet this time??

Wait a minute… Behind him…

Countless people couldn’t believe it.

In the next moment, the Space Emperor looked at the thousands of cities, and almost all the realm citizens could hear his voice.


“From today onwards, I’m a super divine.”

“The Floating Realm has applied to become a first-level realm.”

As soon as the Space Emperor finished speaking, with a boom, lightning flashed in the sky of the entire Floating Realm. Countless Beast Tamers looked at the sky in shock and looked at their realm lord with their mouths wide open, wondering if they had heard wrong.

“Super, super divine???” The Wang family disciples looked at the sky in a daze.

The disciple of the Space Emperor, Zi Lan, also looked at the figure of the Space Emperor in the sky in disbelief, suspecting that she was dreaming.

Soon, the news of Blue Planet and Dong Huangs lineage, the realm lord of the

Floating Realm, Wang Kong, advancing to super divine spread throughout the World King Planet.

This shocked all the races in the starry sky and they suddenly understood what was going on.

“Siphane is really dead. Its source of transcendence was extracted and absorbed by this Wang Kong!”

“This Wang Kong is a powerhouse himself. He has the battle record of a divine-level assassin super divine and is even expert in the spatial element.

This time, when he advances to the super divine level, it will be even more terrifying.”

“Wait a minute, in that case, Blue Planet is a planet with 11 super divines? What a joke..”