1590 Predicting Loneliness (3)

The news of the Space Emperor advancing to super divine quickly spread to the Four Holy Family, making the Four Saints super divine of the Four Holy Family fall silent again and feel a little dizzy.

"Men." The Four Saints summoned their subordinates together and ordered,

"Take a generous gift and head to the Floating Realm. Congratulations to realm lord Wang Kong for advancing to super divine. You have to eliminate the influence of my rumors."

At this moment, the Four Holy Family was clearly very afraid of the Blue Planet bloodline that was at the height of its power. They didn't want to fall out immediately, nor did they want the Blue Planet bloodline to fall out with them immediately. They chose to admit defeat and tried to negotiate for the time being.

As Shi Yu and the others returned, not only the Four Holy Family, but countless factions also used the excuse of the Space Emperor advancing to super divine to come to the Floating Realm to send gifts and congratulate them, hoping to establish friendly relations with the Blue Planet.

Some were also here to thank the Blue Planet for helping them destroy the Assassin Planet.

During this period, everyone who arrived could see another prison-like city in the sky of the Floating Realm.

This prison was currently holding tens of thousands of assassins. They were all enemies captured alive by Shi Yu and the others in the battle of Assassin Planet.

At this moment, under the power of Emperor Shi, most of their strength had already been erased and controlled below the divine level. It was suppressed to wait for judgment.

Shi Yu was free and liked to chat with the talents here. Their words were super nice.

"You're the one called Igor?" Shi Yu stood outside a prison and looked at the Teleportation Master, Igor, who was suppressed by the chains inside.

"Lord, Lord! Spare me." Teleportation Master Igor begged for mercy and said, "My ability is very rare. I was also captured by that bastard Siphane to join the Assassin Planet. I had no choice."

"I don't want to help the evildoer either. Spare me, I'll do my best to serve the lord…"

Shi Yu chuckled and said, "Did you teleport that killer near me through the magnetic skill?"

Teleportation Master Igor said with a bitter expression, "Lord, it's me, but I don't know anything. I'm just a tool."

"What level is your magnetic skill now?" Shi Yu asked.

Igor said, "Perfect divine skills. As long as the target is within the range of the Cosmic Sea, it can be teleported. But after leaving this range, it can't…"

"So useless??" Shi Yu was stunned.

"Huh??" Igor was stunned. This was useless?

It hurriedly said, "It's very useful. As long as you have the other party's personal items, you can locate it. On the Assassin Planet, I'm the most indispensable support, Lord…"

"Alright," Shi Yu said. "Show me a good performance. If the effect is really not bad…"

Igor was overjoyed. It knew that its ability was irreplaceable and that no one could bear to kill it.

"No problem, Lord!" lightsnovel

A moment later, Teleportation Master Igor was beaten to the verge of death by Shi Yu again for no reason. Shi Yu left the prison happily, feeling comfortable. He felt that his life-saving skills were increasing.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

Shi Yu walked past the prison and heard a pile of pens. They were assassins writing about their talent and talent. Initially, this was a group of sacrificial soldiers. Most of them wouldn't betray the Assassin Planet even if they died. However, they couldn't help it. The time capability was too buggy, so they directly deleted their memories of being loyal to the Assassin Planet.

Next, it depended on how many valuable skills and talents could be squeezed out of this group of people.

Shi Yu was still looking forward to it. At least, the resources plundered by the owl and cat on the Assassin Planet were really rich. It was enough to pile up a third-level new realm in the Dong Huang Realm to a point where it was even richer than a first-level realm.

In short, Senior Lu was considered lucky for the next emperors who came from Blue Planet. She might be even richer than Shi Yu, who had just arrived at World King Planet.

"Sister, I've decided."

"Decided what?" Somewhere in the Floating Realm, the owl received the Exposing King, who had also come to send blessings.

"I've decided. I won't add any additional conditions to Shi Yu. Let's select him as the Sons of Prophecy of our Astrologer Race. Our race will assist him in his growth with all our might!"

"Hmph." The owl looked at the other party in disdain and said, "What were you doing earlier? I told you he had potential, but you didn't believe me. Do they lack your support now? That Emperor Shi, time-element super divine, four super divine time pets!!"

Patriarch Tu Tu looked conflicted and said, "You didn't tell me that Blue Planet was so lucky previously. If you had told me that Blue Planet was a high-level lucky star, if you had told me that Blue Planet's bloodline was so strong, wouldn't I have been conflicted?"


Moreover, it didn't agree easily because it was afraid that its identity as the Exposing King would drag Shi Yu down.

"In addition, although that Emperor Shi's capability is strong, Sister, don't forget that with the backing of our family's treasure, not to mention super divine, we can even divine a cosmic level…"

"Tell Shi Yu. He definitely has something he wants to know…"

The Prediction Owl fell into deep thought and said, "Alright, now you know how sharp my taste is, right?"

Exposing King nodded crazily.

Soon, Shi Yu was found by the owl.

"Hehe, realm lord Shi Yu, you guys are very powerful this time."

"I questioned Sister to call you here this time because I want to discuss to you about the cooperation again."

"Oh? What cooperation?" Shi Yu said.

Patriarch Tu Tu said, "In our Astrologer Race, there's a gem that can strengthen the premonition ability. Only the Astrologer Race can use it. The highest can predict things about the universe level."